McLaren Reveals Gulf Livery MSO 675LT of your Dreams

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It has been almost two decades since the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR was fielded by Gulf-Davidoff. Wearing the iconic Gulf colors, it was burned into the memories of many McLaren fans.
06 01, 2018

One of them has now worked hard to afford the car of his dreams. So he commissioned McLaren Special Operations to recreate that car on a new 675LT. Starting with the cockpit, they used colors and materials found on the predecessor. Then it took a few days in a CNC mill to create vintage looking 20 spoke wheels.

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The customer received full endorsement from Gulf Oil, but that was just the beginning. Many components inside and out were built to his specifications. As such, MSO spent over 1,000 hours on this car. We don’t have an idea of their labor rate, but it is not inexpensive.

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McLaren 675LT Rear Exhaust

Ansar Ali is the director of MSO, and he had this to say: “Creating a car like this unique McLaren 675LT, crafted to individual customer specification, is exactly the type of demanding commission that MSO Bespoke was formed to embrace. Transforming the existing car from its original single colour paintwork to a tribute to the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ in Gulf Racing livery was incredibly demanding in its own right, but was only part of the brief; we also replaced numerous standard 675LT components with MSO parts and further personalized the car to clearly identify it with its owner, a service that an increasing number of MSO customers request.”

Our McLaren dealers have a hotline to MSO, so if you dream it, they can build it. Have a great weekend!