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About Atlas

DISCOVERING AND TRAVELING AMERICAN ROADS SINCE 1935. Atlas Tires have deep American roots, having been exclusively distributed by Standard Oil throughout the United States since the mid 1930s. Atlas offers ultra modern patterns and cutting-edge technology for the passenger, light truck and commercial truck tire segments, setting the standard for others to follow. Atlas tires are manufactured by one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world and have passed all US DOT, European ECE, and CCC Certification, assuring Atlas tires are manufactured to offer superior quality, performance and durability. ICONIC AMERICAN BRAND As an enduring iconic American brand, Atlas has been riding on U.S.A. roads since 1935. The brand is synonymous with quality, endurance, and dependability. DESIGNED BY TIER-1 ENGINEERS Atlas Tires are designed, owned, and audited by former tier-1 tire engineers. Atlas uses its own compound formula, providing longer tread life with a balanced footprint for even wear. RIGOROUS QUALITY TESTING STANDARDS All Atlas Tires are in strict compliance with U.S.A. D.O.T. specifications and are manufactured under QS9000/ VDA6.1/ GB/ T19001/ISO9001 and TS16949 quality standards. FULL LINE Atlas has an extensive size range in the passenger, light truck and truck segments, covering a full program range from 13” PCR to 24.5” TBR tires. Atlas offers a strong competitive advantage allowing you to supply the same brand name in PCR, LT, and TBR tires. ANTICIPATING MARKET NEEDS The company is constantly evolving as we continue to develop new patterns and sizes to serve diverse markets. Our offering is the perfect combination of progressive thinking with modern patterns and sizes. Our goal at ATLAS TIRES is to assure superior performance. All tires have been manufactured with the highest quality materials available and the most advance technology in today’s market.