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About Black Forest

Black Forest is in the business of solving problems, problems you know your Jeep has. Like, why didn’t all Jeeps come with a fridge? Well, now they do.  Or why can’t I just pop my top up and have a hard top at the same time?  With Black Forest, you can lose the doors, fill the fridge, pack your gear, and the trail is all yours.  Black Forest is making it easy to unplug and enjoy the adventure with their new line of Jeep accessories.  


Take your Freedom Panels off and hit the trail with the ThrowBack Soft Top. You have the freedom to open and close the top to enjoy as much or as little sun as you’d like and to change it up all day long.


Black Forest is making it even easier to load and unload everything on the trail with their Cargo system Fridge Freezer. This keeps your drinks and food cold all day on the trail or at the beach. No need to stock up on ice again. Not to mention the cargo system is strong enough to load gear on top and secure enough to safely store equipment below.