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About Capitol

Capitol Tires have an excellent reputation proven by many customer reviews for their premium quality, affordable prices, state-of-art materials, manufacturing, and designs. Who makes them? Capitol Tires are made by Itochu International and Nexen Tire Corporation, the latter one is a well-established and reputable Korean company that has been a tires manufacturer since 1942. This brand is known not only for its excellent quality, but also for delivering the best performance at a price that is easy to afford. Capitol Tires will impress you with their incredibly smooth and comfortable ride, and their tech-advanced design provides any customer with improved handling and a more even contact with roads. This brand offers a 50.000-mile warranty on all tires for sale, with a wide range of available styles and sizes designed for different applications. Capitol Tires offers an ultimate traction solution for all truck, SUV, and car owners, reliable year-round servicing, and exceptional quality. They are designed to work perfectly even in harsh weather conditions: both at high and low temperatures, when snowing and raining, etc.nexen The excellent performance of Capitol Tires is ensured by their abrasion-resistance and tough construction and unique tread design. As a driver, you will get a super steering response, incredible cornering, premium quality, quiet riding, and improved traction at quite affordable prices. Whether you need a high performance, good highway, grand touring, all-terrain, SUV, all-season, or other tires, you should choose the Capitol Tires brand because this manufacturer offers a full line of premium quality products for passenger cars, light trucks, and other vehicles. Keep reading this Capitol Tires review to get detailed information about them all.