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About Diablo

Diablo has risen to become one of the industry leaders in creating unique and innovative styles. While many companies choose to play it safe and copy other popular designs, Diablo has taken the more challenging path to success. Diablo was the first wheel company to create custom finish accessories, removable inserts and a submitted Guinness World Records holder; Tirado Design's extended 13"" Lip ""Ethos"" & ""MaXimus"" alongside the ""Reflection X"" engineering which the hologram floating effect reflects art, paint and lifestyle graphics onto chrome spoke(s); hence the name given. Diablo’s in-house design department is constantly developing new ideas and styles that will set the trend and safety for this year and into the next. Diablo is always focusing internationally, in the Americas, Europe, Russia, Australia and most recently, Japan. Diablo is the only US wheel company with personnel dedicated to the Japanese market. This allows us to provide our Japanese speaking customers with the highest level of customer service. In early 2007, Diablo introduced a brand new line of luxury wheels named GIANNA Wheels. The line has continued to be wildly successful and is steadily growing in demand and reputation alongside safety.