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About Gremax

Due to the disproportionate growth of pollution at a global level and the high percentage percentage occupied by tire waste, GREMAX emerges in the market as an option of awareness and sustainability in the manufacture of tires because they are manufactured with the highest quality standards leading to It carries out thorough processes of analysis of raw materials to ensure the best manufacturing elements and lower levels of contaminants. The creation of GREMAX reflects the evolution of the tires of the new generation as well as the evolution in the manufacture of products based on the sustainability and balance of the environment, becoming the tire with the lowest concentration of gases and the highest percentage of biodegradation that exists. currently. The high technology in the manufacturing process and design, are aimed at achieving a functional product, long life of use and advanced performance. French engineering in the methods of design and production and the Asian workforce, combine to create GREMAX taking the best of the conditions of the Global market, raising quality and decreasing costs.