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About Guardsman

The Guardsman LT is a Sears Auto Exclusive tire with premium features while remaining budget-friendly. The computer optimized tread pattern has increased contact with the road for the best traction possible. Traction and braking have also been improved by the stiff interlocking center and immediate ribs, which give extra stability. With multiple sipes with hundreds of biting surfaces, these tires grip the ground better in wet and light snow conditions. When you need to rely on a long tread life, look no further. The 50,000-mile warranty is made possible by optimized shoulder groove angles for uniform and long tread wear. When it starts to warm up and the snow melts, you have hydroplaning protection provided by four main grooves that clear water quickly from the tread footprint area. Come rain, come snow, come heat or hail, these tires will get you to your next destination.