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About Original DashMat

In 1979, a US Air Force retiree living in Arizona noticed the number of vehicles driving around with towels and rags on the dash area in an effort to reduce the harsh heat and glare of the desert sun. He experimented with a number of different materials, looking for both the ideal texture (to reduce glare) and insulation (to reduce heat build-up) and, after adding a latex backing for shape retention, he introduced the perfect carpet for his new product – DashMats. Over the years, a variety of different fabrics have been perfected for DashMats – from the suede look, to velour and now the new warp-knit finish of the Ltd. Edition style. The UltiMat® was developed for people looking for a one-piece molded dash-area cover for the “ultimate” in style and finish. Our DashMat design center is still headquartered in Arizona and the Design Team has over 50 years experience in creating the best fitting patterns for your vehicle.