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About Powertrac

Power Tracs have been built since 1984 by an American-owned family business in southwestern Virginia. The management at Power Trac began building articulated, heavy-duty equipment for the mining industry in 1977. When we needed a small loader/tractor for our facility, we designed and built the first Power Trac. Even in 1984, we saw a need for one machine that did a number of tasks with several different attachments. At that time, most customers weren’t too keen on the idea of articulated equipment or multi-use machines. Through the years of advertising and trade shows, Power Trac has proven that heavy duty, versatile equipment can also be turf friendly and a great value.With over 300 years combined experience in design and manufacturing of hydraulic of hydraulic equipment, Power Trac has the needed expertise to build high quality machines and attachments. Every piece of equipment along with its attachments were designed to give the customer optimal performance and a greater value. Power Trac began selling equipment through representatives and dealers and then decided to sell through dealers alone. But in 1998, Power Trac decided to drop the dealer program and sell direct. The customer began saving at least 30% on purchases and receiving expert service direct from the manufacturer!Power Tracs have been sold throughout the world, primarily in the United States. The equipment is still being manufactured by the same company in Virginia. Since we are the manufacturer, we take more pride in what we sell.