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About Superlift

Our products are the best on the market. That’s because SUPERLIFT's Product Development staff, arguably the industry's most experienced and talented group, utilizes the latest computer modeling technology to aid in product design. Most of our factory vehicle ""starting point"" design data is supplied by the new vehicle manufacturers. We perform the majority of metal fabrication and machining processes in-house. This allows us to maintain the stringent process controls required to consistently produce exceptional, high quality parts. Our quality inspections start with the raw material, and continue throughout the various manufacturing and packaging operations. Over the years, on several occasions, counterfeit Superlift products have been sold in the market. Frequently, the substituted fraudulent product is not discovered until the vehicle owner contacts us with a product fitment, failure, or ride quality issue. Some companies offer their own limited line of kits and components. Some dealers will substitute, without your knowledge, these lesser quality and not-to-specification parts. Don't be a victim!