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About Volcano

Putting together passion for cars and passion for Metallurgy. Volcano Wheels was founded in November 2010 by uniting these two passions : from its founder, who has been achieving a broad experience in metallurgy since his time at university ( USP ) and the evident Brazilian taste for personalized cars. Innovation for all the styles. Our main mission is to bring happiness and increase satisfaction to people fond of cars in Brazil and overseas who want a personal touch. We can offer high level quality, fair and competitive prices, Just In Time delivery and, mainly, excellence in our products and services. Listening to our clients is part of our DNA. The way we track to innovate is to listen to our clients’ desires, either face-to-face or virtually, and then, engage our multi-tasking team to brainstorm ideas to turn client’s dreams into reality. While implementing the project, our focus lies on approximating the customers to the best accessory stores in the distribution network. Lean Manufacturing To achieve competitive prices, offer high quality products and meet deadlines Volcano Wheels Management has adopted the production philosophy called Lean Manufacturing (developed by Toyota). The foundations of this business strategy are: Base the administrative decisions on a long-term philosophy even in detriment of short-term financial goals which can generate more value to the society, clients, suppliers and collaborators; The right process will bring the right outcome at once. To get the right process is necessary to call forth the questions and have a culture for definitive problem solution. Such a culture does not blame anyone for the drawbacks, but learn from them, aiming not to repeat the same mistakes; Adding value to the organization through the development of collaborators and partners by challenging them to strive for new achievements. Look for the root cause of a problem and solve it definitely.