2019 Volvo XC40 Review

2019 Volvo XC40 Exterior (Volvo)
The Volvo XC90, the S90, and even the XC60 are in the upper echelons of the market, however, the 40 series are about to be seen the most on the streets. The Volvo XC40, a crossover, is the first of the 40 series of cars built on a new modular vehicle architecture (CMA) platform. Soon, the number 40 will land on everything, including sedans, hatchbacks, electric cars, and hybrids.
DEC 19, 2018

So that makes the new Volvo XC40 crucial. But it is not the first car to make use of the new compact modular architecture, where Lynk and Co. 01 have made use of this new structure. Both companies are owned by Chinese Geely and they are bound to share as much tech as possible. Nevertheless, the 40 Series holds greater importance. After all, this car is about to reach every crack and road in the world.

Although the XC40 is much smaller when compared to its more mature and astute brothers, the smallest Volvo crossover makes use of advanced technology associated with bigger cars. Especially the engines, “connected nature”, Swedish interior and styling features with a smaller price tag

Where did they cut the price? 

The suspension on the XC40 is not exactly the same as the bigger models. Rear wheels are suspended via four-link steel arms instead of a more intricate five-link design of the more expensive models. This basically means that you can forget about the advanced suspension adaptability as the suspension is set up to handle city stress. It’s supple, soft, and quiet. Just the thing one might need for city driving. The engines, on the other hand, seem to be quite powerful.

The introduction in September 2017 familiarized us with five different engine options - two types of diesel - D3 and D4, and three turbo petrol engines - T3, T4, and T5. Power range is between 150hp and 247hp. The entry-level car will get FWD, but all of them have AWD option. Sure, the one with the T5 written at the back is the bomb here. Yet, Volvo suggests that over 50 percent of all produced units will actually be of lower power output but with an R-line styling package and a bunch of luxury equipment. That is the world we live in today after all. It is important to look the part. Act? Not so much. 

Luxury and options, leather and metal, miles and smiles 

Although Volvo XC40 buyers may be quite unadventurous in their XC40 endeavors, the Swedes did integrate a healthy amount of advanced equipment in the car. First of all, the styling of the inside resonates with what we have seen on the bigger models. Yet, with slightly less space, designers had to adjust some shapes and bathe the cabin with striking ambient lights, creating a bit stranger shapes and exciting lines. In terms of color and materials, personalization options are so numerous you can make the interior as insane as you’d like. 

The Tech 

All models will get that cool center touch screen with a mandatory navigation system, fine infotainment options, cool software layout and advanced TFT screen for the driver. All of this wouldn’t mean a thing without Wi-Fi and Internet access. Volvo XC40, of course, has it. And that Wi-Fi hotspot that would drain your smartphone/tablet, it isn’t an issue here. Multiple recharge ports will make everyone inside happy. Plus, the doors have massive storage bins perfect for your electronics - like laptops. That is why the speakers were moved to the dash rather than staying on the doors. 

Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO, said: “With Care by Volvo, we introduce a new car access for the modern age. In a time where consumers are used to transparent flat-fees for all sort of services, the traditional process of buying and owning a car can be perceived rather complicated. Care by Volvo changes all of that.”
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Volvo XC40 is not only a car 

The XC40 introduced the Volvo subscription service named Care by Volvo. The service price starts at $600 USD per month and goes up to $700 USD per month. The service includes maintenance and even the possibility to swap your car for any other Volvo for 14 days a year.

The service is much more comprehensive than that: “Care by Volvo will, depending on regional availability, offer a range of digital concierge services, such as fueling, cleaning, service pick-up and e-commerce delivery to the car."

XC40 drivers will also be the first Volvo customers who can share their car with friends and family with a new digital key technology. This sharing feature comes as standard for Care by Volvo customers.” Care by Volvo is first available for buyers of the new Volvo XC40 in the following markets: Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Poland and the United States. Other markets will follow at a later stage.

2019 Volvo XC40 - Review & Road Test by Kelley Blue Book