2021 Ferrari Roma – Living the Good Life

2021 Ferrari Roma
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JUN 11, 2021
2021 Ferrari Roma

It has lines reminiscent of the excellent Ferrari Gran Turismo legends of the 50s and 60s with dips and curves as exciting as Sophia Loren in a tight dress. “It” is the new 2+2 coupe 2021 Ferrari Roma, and it is not just a pretty face. This ride packs near supercar qualities thanks to a monster power plant, dual-clutch transmission, and a host of motorsport technology.

The 2021 Ferrari Roma is the kind of special ride where you can strap on a helmet and head for the track or dress in jeans and go for a comfortable, stress-free 10-hour road trip. And at a base price of $222,690, it is a stone-cold bargain compared to the rest of the Prancing Pony stable.

It is a Ferrari, so you expect it to be drop-dead gorgeous. And the Roma doesn’t disappoint. But, like Ferraris of the past, the 2021 Ferrari Roma design is not so much an exercise in automotive aerodynamics as it is automotive art. A sleek front end with cat-eye headlights, body-colored grille and, an aggressive splitter leads to a sloping hood with bumps in all the right places. The sides are slippery sleek and, sculpted, leading to a rear-end with muscular haunches, razor-edge slit taillights, and dual exhaust. A sloping roofline with a massive windshield and rear window finishes the fastback appearance.

It looks hot and has a top speed of 199 mph. Ready for more?

2021 Ferrari Roma: Cruiser or Supercar?

It All Depends on the Manetinno Dial

The 2021 Ferrari Roma is beautiful. The interior impresses both the eye and the body, but what makes this ride so memorable is the  3.9-liter twin-turbo V-8 that produces 612 hp and 561 lb-ft mated to a dual-clutch eight-speed automatic transmission. Together, along with a three-setting active spoiler located just below the rear window and race-car-style vortex generators under the front providing downward pressure, it allows you to do a high-rev launch and go from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds and remain on the pavement.

It is fast. Not dragstrip fast, but Le Mans fast with Side Slip Control 6.0, incredible and confidence-building smooth handling making you yearn for mountainside S turns and twisty coastline roads. The Roma borrows, tweaks, and repurposes existing Ferrari software and hardware to create a totally new experience. A Ferrari with the growl of the beast and the speed of a Cheetah yet allows the driver to enjoy La Nuova Dolce Vita (pleasurable way of life) on an everyday basis. A racer and a cruiser depending on which of the five-mode settings selected on the manetinno.

Does Ferrari make faster cars? Yes, they do, most notably the 710-horsepower F8 Tributo and 788-horsepower 812 Superfast. But the potential of these monsters can only be safely tapped into by drivers with years of experience. Riding on 20-inch cast aluminum (forged alloy available) with 285/35 ZR20s at the rear and 245/35 ZR20s at the front, responsive acceleration, braking, and silky-smooth handling. The Roma allows the average driver to taste a bit of the legendary Ferrari experience while keeping the shiny side up.

A Little Luxury Never Hurt Anyone

Inside the 2021 Ferrari Roma, you step into a well-heeled, modern, and for Ferrari, surprisingly practical interior. A molded bench covered in leather provides the 2+2 coupe insurance rating that can easily fit two adults assuming they are both double amputees. The “back seats” are a place to toss jackets or small weekend duffles. Upfront, the driver and passenger have comfortable, well-defined areas swathed in leather. The eyes are immediately drawn to the 16-inch high-def instrument panel screen and flat-bottom steering wheel with capacitive touch (think smartphone swiping) control switches in the horizontal spokes. The Roma is a ride of the digital age. Even the start button is replaced with a two-swipe control on the steering wheel. In the colossal center stack, an 8.5-inch touchscreen is mounted portrait style within easy reach of the driver. An optional touchscreen is available for the passenger.

The ergonomics are outstanding. Nothing is a strain; everything simply “fits” the driver, including the leather cocoon that poses as the driver seat. This Ferrari is the kind of Gran Turismo that encourages weekend getaways. And there is more good news. The trunk is 12.0 cubic feet meaning a couple of weekend bags will easily fit. Or, you can order specially designed leather luggage (in the color of the interior, of course) that reputably fits more efficiently.


So, lay down close to a quarter-million dollars, double swipe the “on” switch, rev that sweet exhaust, and head out to live the Dolce Vita.