Its Back – GMC Announces 2021 Hummer EV “Supertruck”

2021 Hummer EV Exterior
The iconic symbol of excess, fuel guzzling, and rude driver behavior, the Hummer, is back. Discontinued in 2010 at the peak of the economic meltdown, GM is resurrecting the beast as a supertruck with a heavy emphasis on “super.” This version of the ride is not inspired by the military and is easily identified as a pickup and is packed with off-road capabilities, engaging technologies and yes, even environmental contributions. This is a whole new Hummer. In fact, the 2021 Hummer EV is a whole new kind of vehicle.
NOV 16, 2020

For starters, it is an all-electric pickup truck with zero emissions that goes 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. It will be the most technically advanced and capable off-road ride on the market when it hits showroom floors late in 2021. It will appeal to affluent luxury buyers, affluent environmental advocates, and seriously hardcore off-road trail busters. It will be a disappointment for male drivers who sought out the old Hummer as a way to compensate for certain anatomical deficiencies. To fully deploy all the capabilities of the 2021 Hummer EV, the driver’s brain and cognitive skills will be the most important bodily components. 

Still, the name Hummer can polarize people. The success of this new model will depend largely on the behavior of the drivers. If they treat the truck like an urban assault vehicle and terrorize motorists on the road (which was the rap in 2008) the new, more responsible, more capable Hummer will not be received well.

That’s Right, It’s an EV

GM has pumped over $2 billion in electrifying a new line of rides and their bet is riding on the 2021 Hummer EV pickup becoming the gold standard for electric trucks (a whole new class). Equipped with 3 electric motors and 2 drive systems generating a combined 1,000 hp and an electrifying (pun intended) 11,500 lb-ft of torque the Hummer is a rocket on the freeway. Electric motors provide instant torque making the Hummer a regular tire shredder if you don’t mind frequently changing out the 35” tires.

The three motors are driven by a 24 module Ultium electric propulsion system capable of 350 miles between charges which eliminates “range anxiety” some people have when considering electric vehicles. The other major objection to EV rides is charging time. Hummer uses an 800-volt charger with a peak charging rate of over 300 kW that can provide a 100-mile charge in 10 minutes. Using that math, a full recharge should take less than 40 minutes. Slower than pumping gas but vastly improved over previous charging systems.

2021 Hummer EV = Rugged Sophistication?

Is there such a thing? The 2021 Hummer EV's exterior is impressive with its massive front end, extra wide stance, 35” all-terrain tires and an almost sculpted looking profile. It looks like an off-road ride. But the interior looks more like business class on an intergalactic transport. This is not your bare bones, get me muddy typical trail ride. Two tone leather covers wide well bolstered seats and side panels, the dash is dominated by a 13.4” infotainment touchscreen with another 12.3” screen digital instrument cluster that displays (in amazing photo-realistic graphics) status of various systems and terrain analysis. In a nod to its off-road function, the floor is covered in easy to clean rubber/vinyl mats. 

And if you are ripping through the great outdoors, you’ll want to let the sunshine in. The hummer comes with “Infinity Roof” consisting of four Sky Panels that can be removed by a single person and stored in the frunk (front trunk).

Taking Off-Roading to a New Level

The 2021 Hummer EV is packed with cool off-road goodies but there is one, at least for a while, that only Hummer can offer and that’s silence. Imagine tearing across a desert flat or carving up a dune or negotiating a bolder. Now imagine doing those things without the distraction of engine noise. Without the roar of the engine, the experience is more like riding the back of a mountain lion. The only noise is the sound of your vehicle crossing the terrain splattering gravel or splashing through water. It is a whole new off-road experience.

But if that’s not enough for you, how about these slick features:

  • e4WD. The Hummer’s 4WD system has a locking front differential while the two motors driving the rear wheels can electronically mimic a locking rear differential.
  • Skid Plates. The Hummer’s underside is fully protected with steel skid plates and rock rails.
  • Adaptive Air Suspension. No lift kit required. If you need up to 6 inches of additional clearance for crawling a rock or fording a stream, the Hummer’s air suspension system is happy to oblige. The system has four modes, Ingress/Egress, Normal, Terrain, and Extract.
  • Crab Mode. If you find yourself “in need of better control in challenging terrain” just push a button and your Hummer can do the mechanical equivalent of a crab walk. A rear-wheel-steering capability allows the truck to move diagonally at slow speeds.
  • An 18 Camera System. Sure, why not. Hummer’s UltraVision gives the driver every possible view of the vehicle and surrounding terrain including two mounted under the truck so you can keep track of that boulder you are climbing. These cameras even have a self-cleaning feature to ensure a good picture. Visibility takes on a whole new meaning with UltraVision. 
  • 35” Tires. The Hummer comes stock with Goodyear Wrangler All Territory Mud-Terrain tires. If that’s not big enough for you, 37” tires are available as a dealer installed option.

The 2021 Hummer EV is going to herald in a whole new off-road experience that the competition is already planning on exploiting. But for those who can afford the $110,000 price tag, you can have that new experience beginning in late 2021.