2022 Toyota Tundra – The Beast is Back as a Serious Contender 

01 19, 2022

In May 1999, Toyota launched the Tundra, its first full-size pickup truck. It was big, powerful, made in America, and proved to be as reliable as the rest of the Toyota lineup. In 2007 the Tundra was completely redesigned, adding a sleek new design, a user-friendly interior, more towing capacity, and safety features, And that’s where they left it for 15 years. 

Meanwhile, the Big Three (Ford, GM, RAM) constantly added new engine choices, advances in safety technology, multiple new trims, bigger load capacities, and introduced luxury into their cabs. As a result, the Tundra became progressively less competitive, and it was only its brand reputation for reliability that kept it in the game. 

Until now!

2022 Tundra – Big, Bad, and Sassy 

Redesigned from the ground up, The 2022 Tundra, built outside San Antonio, is like all things Texan, big, bold, and claiming bragging rights. What Toyota wants is a ride that will not only impress their loyal customer base but directly go after the most popular models of the competition. Given the Tundra’s previous slipping position in the light truck class, it was going to take a serious improvement in performance, technology, and utility to gain any traction against the Big Three, 

And the 2022 Tundra did just that making quantum leaps in powertrain, interior design and quality, and an all new infotainment system. Toss in six trims and a variety of optional packages and you can drive an amazingly comfortable and reliable daily ride to a high-tech off-road monster or whatever you, and your budget, wants in between. 

There are three game-changing improvements for the 2022 Toyota Tundra and we will go into detail on those next followed by trims, specs, and features

Power, Ride, and the Biggest Touchscreen in the Business 

Two new choices in powertrains power significant changes for the Tundra. The i-FORCE 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 generating 389 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque not only is more horses than the base models of the competition but boosts towing and payload capacity and improves fuel efficiency. But it doesn’t end there. A hybrid version that puts an electrical motor in the mix bumps hp to 487 and torque to 583 lb-ft. While the hybrid kicks up horsepower, the real value is the instant torque at very low RPMs making rock crawling, boat launching, and hill-climbing less of a challenge. The hybrid will come standard on the TRD PRO and is optional on the Limited, Platinum, and 1794 trims. Both powertrains team with the Tundra’s first 10-speed automatic transmission. 

One of the most impressive improvements is under the skin. Toyota’s new TNBA-F body-on-frame platform is more rigid thanks to a fully boxed high-strength steel frame and the inclusion of a multi-link coil-spring rear suspension dramatically ride performance. The availability of load-leveling coil springs vastly improves stability and towing performance. 

Toyota’s “technical muscle” is demonstrated, in part, by the class-leading 14-inch touchscreen that displays the all-new audio multimedia system. Unlike past infotainment systems, this one is smart, intuitive, and fast. Fantastic graphics, unequaled video resolution, a multi-talented navigation program, and the simplicity of voice commands make this an infotainment system that informs, not frustrate. The same can be said for the various towing programs and the inclusion of Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 Active Safety as standard equipment on all trims. 

A new powertrain, a vastly improved suspension, and loaded with advanced technology put the 2022 Tundra back in the race. 

Essential Tundra Facts and Features 

The Tundra comes in six trims; the base SR, the very popular SR5, the well-equipped Limited, two luxury models Platinum and 1794, and the off-road centric TRD PRO. Each is a story unto itself. Listed below are facts and features available on most trims.


All trims have massive grilles that take up nearly the entire front end. Muscular fender flares, a raised power dome hood, retracting rear window, panoramic sun roof (Platinum and 1794 only) multiple cab and bed truck sizes, hands-free tailgate, and LED taillights round out the look for the 2022 Tundra. 

Towing and Payload

The new turbocharged powertrain boosts towing capacity to 8,300 to 12,000 lbs while payload limits are 1,745 to 2,290 lbs depending on trim and truck bed size. 

Fuel Efficiency

The Tundra is a big bruiser but still has decent mileage numbers of 17 city, 23 highway and 19 mpg combined. 

Silky Smooth Transmission

The all new 10-speed transmission is so smooth gear shifts are nearly imperceptible. Five driving modes are provided all of which involve delivering high torque at low RPMs and the transmission delivers like a champ.suada tincidunt ac ac orci. Aliquam dignissim sodales commodo.

The biggest downside of the new Tundra, is its scarcity. The first production units started trickling out in December 2021 and currently, pre-orders have a two or three week wait for delivery. Even though this is a 100% made in the USA vehicle, the supply chain issues are taking their toll. But, the 2022 Toyota Tundra is definitely worth the wait.