What Would Your Favorite Ride Look Like If…?

Are you a dreamer? A wannabe automotive designer? Or do you have a ride you like but wonder what it would look like in a different color with a metallic, or matte, or pearl finish? How awesome would it look equipped with some gnarly wheels and big honking tires? What would your F-150 look like with a 6-inch lift kit installed? Wraps are pretty cool. How sinister-looking would your Dodge Challenger look in a midnight black camo wrap?
JUL 01, 2019

Things that dreams are made of right? Not anymore. No, your local auto parts store did not initiate a new policy of slapping on a set of Lexani wheels just so you can see how they look on your ride. No, what’s happened is is now providing one of the most advanced 3D automotive customizer programs available on the Internet today. Now you can take your dreams, or just your curiosity, and use the customizer to get an incredibly realistic rendering of what your custom ride looks like.

Introducing iKnow Auto's very own 3D vehicle builder, the Pro Builder™ by iKnow Auto. This 3D vehicle builder allows users to fully customize their vehicle and see it from any angle imaginable.

Completely Tricked Out RAM 1500 or Maserati, No Problem

Easy to use, monster inventory of customizable makes and models, HD renderings, and a ton of fun to play with, the Pro Builder™ will be your go-to tool when considering upgrading your ride. Here’s an idea of what all it does:

  • Inventory.  Over 350 makes and models pre-loaded that can be customized from dream cars to daily rides. If you want to play with a Lamborghini or trick out your Hyundai, this is the tool for you.
  • Paint. Pick a body paint color from a custom pallet and then apply a custom finish (matte, metallic, pearl, etc.)
  • Window Tint. How much coolness factor do you want? Normal or “I can’t see out the windshield.”
  • Lighting. HID, LED, Red LED, fog lamps? You pick.
  • Wheels and Tires. Wheels are not inexpensive. You absolutely want to be in love with them before you buy. Put them on your 3D ride to see how they look. The same goes for the rubber.
  • Suspension. Are you a low rider or is monster truck more to your taste? Ride height is adjustable on the 3D vehicle builder.
  • Nerdy but Cool Features. Feeling artistic? Adjust the lighting on your ride, camera angle, and even apply a custom background to give your rendering a professional look.
  • Share or Save Your Creation. You can download your masterpiece, print it and tape it to the refrigerator for daily inspiration. Or you can show it off by sharing it with your envious friends.

Most Advanced 3D Vehicle Builder

Forget for a moment how much fun the Pro Builder™ is, it provides a very helpful service if you are looking for aftermarket additions, or you’re looking to purchase a new ride. We think you’ll be amazed at how precise and professional the modeling is and after you get done playing with it, rely on it for making new purchase decisions.

You know you want to try it. Do it now!