Surprise as Kia Makes North American Car of the Year Finalists

2018 Kia Stinger Exterior 
iKnowAuto Staff
The recently concluded American Car of the Year awards had some all new entrants for the Car of the Year Category. The Kia Stinger was among these first time contenders, battling it out with the likes of Audi A5 and BMW 5 series. Not long ago, the Kia Stinger Fastback Sports Sedan made it to the list of the three finalists for the North-American Car of the Year2017. Surprisingly, the Kia Stinger fastback sports sedan joins best-selling car brands such as the Kia Rio and the Honda Accord as a finalist. This is the first time that a Korean car is a finalist for the North American Car and trucks of the year award.
DEC 15, 2017

Although it is quite a surprise that Kia made it to the list of finalists for the North American Car of the year, it sure deserves it. It has a stunning design and jaw-dropping performance. The Kia Stinger can go head to head with the top players such as Mercedes Benz C-class as well as the BMW 3 series.

2018 Kia Stinger Exterior 
2018 Kia Stinger Exterior 
2018 Kia Stinger Exterior 
About the North American Car, Truck, and Utility Vehicle Award

The North American Car, Truck, and Utility Vehicle Awards features three categories-the North American Car of the Year, the North American Truck of the Year and the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year. 

Now, here is how this award works. 60 high ranking automotive journalists from Canada and the United States are saddled with the responsibility of being judges at this event. These 60 journalists put into consideration criteria such as safety, design, innovation, technology, driver satisfaction and performance of the cars selected. With this, they can pick the best three out of the rest. This award is the oldest award that is not affiliated with a particular publication. 

As a result of this, it is considered to be a unique award. The North American Car, Truck, and Utility Vehicle Award are characterized by distinctive contenders as the years go by. This, therefore, makes the task of selecting the finalists an uphill task

About the Kia Stinger Fastback Sport Sedan

The Kia Stinger Fastback Sports sedan is designed for no more than five passengers and is a strong contender for automobile dominance in Europe and other parts of the world. At the moment, it has out-performed other vehicles that are produced by Kia. The Kia stinger is considered a turning point for KIA motors; this car will get the attention of other car brands in the world.

This car is getting all the attention for specific reasons. Starting off the list is its unique features and its super attractive exterior. This beautiful exterior is the first thing that is noticed about this car. The superb design of the exterior of the Kia stinger was made possible by Peter Schreyer, Kia Chief designer, and his team. One feature of this car that separates it from other Kia cars and puts it in the same class with the more luxury car brands is its set of four exhaust pipes. When the features of this car are considered, it really should not be surprising that Kia makes North American Car of the year finalists.

Ever since it was projected, the Kia Stinger fastback sports sedan has won many awards and is on the verge of winning one more. After making it to the finals of the North American Car of the Year Award, it has a high chance of making the list of winners in January 2018. This means as a fan of the Kia stringer; you should be on the lookout during the North American International Auto Show in 2018.