American Force Wheels – The Custom Forged Wheel for Big Rides

Ford F-250 on American Force Wheels B02 TRAX SS
If it is time to seriously upgrade the look of your truck, Jeep, SUV or UTV, then it is time you check out American Force Wheel rims for the look that is going to send the message you want. Everybody knows that the fastest way to change the look and attitude of any vehicle is to mount a set of custom rims. And while there are any number of high-quality custom wheel makers in America, not all of them have rims that match the heft and challenges that your ride faces every day.
DEC 28, 2020

Lexani makes wheels for Lamborghini that are amazing. Vossen makes luxury rides look even more luxurious and Forgiato manufactures automotive jewelry. They are all quality wheel makers but putting their rims on your ride would be like dressing LeBron James in ballet slippers. American Force has one mission; to “deliver the absolute highest quality custom forged wheels money can buy, proudly crafted in the United States.” And they focus on trucks, off-road vehicles, SUVs and UTVs. 

American Force constantly updates its line of rims with new designs that set trends. It starts with creative ideas, moves to engineering who ensures it can be efficiently produced without compromising the structural parameters of the forged aluminum profile and then becomes a reality thanks to CNC precision machining and finishing to perfection. Known for their trademark deep lip, deep dish and bold designs that uniquely compliment big rides, American Force delivers strength, durability and unequaled quality.

You Don’t Just Buy American Force Wheels and Take Them Home

These are truly custom wheels. The wheels you see on display or on the web are starting points, not stock. American Force Wheels has no inventory. They don’t make a wheel until after you have told them precisely what you want. Buying a set is more than pointing to a wheel in the catalog and putting down your money. American Force wheels is going to want your make, model and year, the kind and size of rubber you intend to use, and any suspension customization you may have done. They will then tweak the design to ensure there is no shaking and the fitment is unique to your ride.

Here is a short list of the kinds of rims we are talking about and how you can get involved making them truly custom.

American Force Custom Wheels for Trucks, Off-road Rides, SUVs and UTVs

American Force Wheels: B02 TRAX SS

American Force B02 TRAX SS

New and completely custom, model specific truck wheel that combines a complex design with a dip lip look. Available in custom finishes with customized engravings. Designed and tested to meet all strength and durability requirements of the base aluminum profile, this rim will dress up any truck. Built as a one-off, the B02 TRAX can take up to 15 weeks to deliver.

American Force Wheels: 254 FALLOUT FP

American Force Faceplate Series

Now this is awesome. These impressive designs come with laser cut raw aluminum inserts (faceplates) that can be painted, polished or whatever, then bolted on to give your rims an infinite number of looks. You can literally change the appearance of your truck or SUV multiple times a day simply by adding or removing a “faceplate” or two. Like all American Force rims, these are forged aluminum construction.

American Force Wheels: JO4 BLOCK DRW Dually

American Force JO4 BLOCK DRW

Got a dually? The J04 BLOCK DRW series gives you a choice of convex or concave designs that are eye-grabbing and unique. Standard in polished mirror or flat black. Other finishes are available as an option. Your truck works hard. Do something nice for it and get a pair of these dually rims.

American Force wheels are the hottest forged truck wheel on the market. They tend to be pricey because they are custom designed. But what you get for your money will totally change the way you feel about your ride!