New L5P Tuner: Banks Power Derringer® for 2017-18 6.6L Duramax

Banks Derringer® for 2017-18 6.6L Duramax (Banks Power)
Banks Power, the exclusive worldwide distributor of the GM Duramax engine, introduces the newest product in its Derringer family of performance inline tuners. The Derringer is designed to give the L5P owner exceptional power, reliability, and safety at a competitive price. 
APR 10, 2018

The Derringer from Banks Power adds a tested best-in-class horsepower gain of 61 hp and best torque gain of 112 lb-ft. Inspired by the “hide-out gun” of the same name, the Derringer is an easily-concealed plug-and-play microcomputer control module, designed for quick installation and is waterproof for convenient under-hood mounting.

The exclusive features include Banks AutoRate® which intelligently provides optimum power by reading the vehicle’s RPM, speed, gear, exhaust gas temperature, coolant temp and more off of the OBD-II diagnostics port. This data is utilized to provide both maximum performance as well as increased safety and reliability. With Banks TransCommand®, the Derringer protects the transmission with intelligent power delivery for slippage prevention and smooth shifting. Banks ActiveSafety® adds a layer of protection with its self-monitoring hardware and software that provides an automatic bypass should the unit lose power or a sensor malfunction. This ensures power is always available avoiding dangerous limp-home conditions that other tuners can create. In addition to reading over a dozen points of OBD-II data, the Derringer calculates Banks exclusive parameters adding even more refinement to its combined power and safety. Maximum safe power for the L5P powertrain is all automatic with a Derringer; simply select the power level and enjoy performance that you can really feel and trust!

Combining the Derringer with Banks iDash® 1.8 Super Gauge adds functionality to the system allowing you to select from a total of six power levels through the gauge and monitor up to 300 critical engine and tuner parameters such as boost, exhaust gas temperature, and percent power added. The ultra-compact intelligent monitor can mount in an A-pillar, on the windshield, or in any 2-1/16” (52mm) standard gauge hole and displays up to 5 parameters on its 1.8” color LCD. When you order the iDash 1.8 with data logging capabilities, it can simultaneously record up to 100 different parameters of your choosing on the included microSD card.

Derringer L5P features:

  • Adds up to 61 hp and 112 lb-ft of torque
  • Three on-the-fly power levels (six when combined with iDash 1.8)
  • Intelligent controller that utilizes OBD-II data
  • Maximum power under any driving condition
  • Banks AutoRate, Banks TransCommand, and Banks ActiveSafety ensure safe power to engine and drivetrain
  • Plug-and-play, small form factor, waterproof
  • Connect with other Banks devices including iDash 1.8 for greater control, monitoring, and expandability

The Derringer L5P (Part No. 66582) is now available via Banks Power authorized dealers and at a low $479. Derringer with iDash 1.8 bundle (Part No. 66592) is $729. Derringer with iDash 1.8 data-logging (Part No. 66592-DL) is $799.