Best Coilover Kits in 2020

Subaru WRX STI Coilover Installation (KSport: 15-18 Subaru Impreza WRX Coilovers – Kontrol Pro)
What They Are, What They Do and What to Look For

If you have a hot ride and you are looking to improve its handling and performance at high speeds, you’re probably checking out what is available in the way of coilover kits. If this is your first experience with coilover kits, then it will probably pay you to take a few minutes to learn just what they are, what they can do, and what to look for when shopping the hundreds of coilover brands that you will find online. 
SEP 14, 2020

Basically, a coilover is simply a coil spring placed over a shock absorber, hence the name coilover. Replacing your factory shocks with a set of coilovers can significantly improve the suspension of your ride. A coilover is like a factory shock on steroids. A coilover has a much greater compression capacity than a factory shock resulting in your tires remaining fully in contact with the pavement even in high speed curves, turns, and rough road. The more rubber you keep on the concrete the more effectively torque is converted to forward motion.

Coilover Kits Boost High Speed Performance

Just how well your performance is enhanced depends on a number of factors such as coil strength, damper and adjustability. These are items we’ll get into in a minute, But first, let’s look at how an improved suspension improves performance.

  • Lower Center of Gravity. Perhaps the biggest benefit that a coilover offers is the ability to lower your ride’s frame to get the whole body closer to the axels. Obviously, this lowers your center of gravity and that vastly improves keeping the rubber on the road.

  • Minimizes Lateral Roll. When you take a curve at speed gravity shifts weight away from the outboard wheels which reduces contact with the road and adds it to the inboard tires. Aside from uneven tire wear, lateral rolls cause uneven contact which means less than optimal transfer of torque. The same is true for acceleration which moves the weight from the front to the rear. If your ride is a FWD platform, the drive wheels are not as fully in contact with the pavement as the rear. Lowering the center of gravity reduces the opportunity for any lateral or horizontal shifting of weight.

  • Appearance and Ride. When you lower your Accord or hot hatch Civic your ride is going to take on a new, aggressive appearance that will make it uniquely yours. On top of that, with a coilover kit installed, your ride is going to be butter smooth even over our crumbling concrete streets.

"Installing KSport Coilovers on my Focus ST!" by Cameron Alford

What You Want in a Coilover Kits

What you don’t want to do is waste your money. That said, in the coilover biz you get what you pay for. Quality counts when you are talking the kind of stress these components undergo. 

What you do want is adjustability. You want a ride that feels perfect to you. That’s impossible to guarantee out of the box so you want to be sure you can adjust for ride height, spring preload, and damping. These are features you’ll find on better brands. 

Brands that Rule Coilover Kits

From serious track performance, to street rockets to daily drives, these are some of the leading brands in the world of coilover kits.

  • KW Automotive. If you are into competitive track racing you already know these guys. If you are new to coilover kits, these are fun to look at and learn from. KW’s new Competitive line features mono tube construction and three-way adjustable settings.
  • Fortune Auto. A great street coilover now in its 4th design generation, the Fortune kit automatically adjusts for low and high speeds. A great kit for the enthusiast who also uses the ride as a daily driver.
  • H&R Springs. H&R has been at suspension springs for 40 years and are a leader in street coilover kits. They were the first to introduce the full body coilover to the market. Their current offering are all custom valved and use progressive rate springs to guarantee best street performance.
  • Ksport USA. A reliable entry-level coilover kit manufacturer. Designed for the everyday guy who wants to lower their car, these monotube, adjustable kits come with an 18 month warranty.
  • Rokkor. Another budget kit, the Rokkor model can lower your ride 1 to 3 inches and provide better performance than your OEM suspension. 

We recommend that whatever coilover kit you get, you have it professionally installed. If you want a full collection of coilover kits for pros and beginners, come visit We have a great collection and are happy to answer any of your questions.