Best Custom Grilles For Cars and Trucks

REVOLVER Series Bumper Grille Overlay (T-Rex Grilles)
Car grilles are the first thing you set your eyes on when looking at a vehicle. Similarly, grilles play central role in attracting potential buyers if you're selling your car. Although their essential role is to allow air to reach the vehicle’s radiator, grilles can help improve a vehicle’s appearance. As a critical visual part for your vehicle, an innovative grille design enhances the vehicle and gives it some uniqueness by symbolizing the maker’s logo and reputation.
APR 02, 2019

Grilles provide coverage for a gap in the front of a car that admits air to that part of the vehicle. The grille is usually located at the front of the vehicle to shield the radiator and the car engine. It can also be at the front of the vehicle for aesthetics or they can be located beneath the front bumper, near the tires to cool the brakes, or in the deck to cool the cabin. Despite all these different possibilities of a grille placement, here is our review of some of the best custom-made car grilles that are not only durable but can totally transform your car’s exterior.

 T-REX REVOLVER Series Bumper Grille Overlay on Ford F-150
 T-REX REVOLVER Series Bumper Grille Overlay on Ford F-150
 T-REX REVOLVER Series Bumper Grille Overlay on Ford F-150

1. T-REX - REVOLVER Series Bumper Grille Overlay - w/ (2) 3" LED Light Pods and Black Powdercoat Finish

If you desire an elegant car grille with LED design, the T-REX Ford F-150 – REVOLVER Series Bumper Grille Overlay with (2) 3" LED Light Pods and Black Powdercoat Finish is an option to explore. This grille comes with amber LED lights, detachable metal accent trump pieces that are adaptable to all colors and easy to customize.

This unique car grille features an off-road indicator light, and it perfectly blends fashion, good build, efficiency and usefulness in a single component and this is again not expensive. It is indeed a complete package top-class grille that remains formidable. It is a US product with a 3-year warranty. It is a custom grille that is sturdy and comes with the pocket-friendly price tag.

T-REX Billet Series on Ford F-150
T-REX Billet Series on Ford F-150

2. T-REX - Billet Series - 2 PC Main Grille Overlay / Insert with Polished Aluminum Finish

Are you looking to buy the best aftermarket car grilles with billet design and high quality? The T-REX Ford F-150 - Billet Series - 2 PC Main Grille Overlay is one you should consider. This grille features a traditional billet fabrication that is typical of contemporary grill pattern in modern cars. It is made of durable metal parts without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the grille.

If you care for a custom grille that surpasses the minimum standards for car component, here is a polished and bumper-fitting car grille that stands out as one of the best you can get around in recent times. It sports a unique classic design, and it is available in horizontal and vertical forms. The billet is made of durable aluminum and finished with the top-class black coating.

The warranty on the structural quality is a lifetime, and the product itself comes with a 3-year warranty.

T-REX LASER TORCH STEALTH Bumper Grille Overlay on Ford F-150
T-REX LASER TORCH STEALTH Bumper Grille Overlay on Ford F-150
T-REX LASER TORCH STEALTH Bumper Grille Overlay on Ford F-150

3. T-REX - LASER TORCH STEALTH Bumper Grille Overlay w/ (2) 3" LED Light Pods & Black Studs and Black Powdercoat Finish

Here is another one of the T-Rex Torch LED light grille that is made for the very committed enthusiast that care much about how their vehicle appear. These new grilles feature inbuilt LED light parts tightly hidden under some rugged cast mesh and flanked by the popular X-Metal studs.

All of the studs bear an X-metal customized sign, and each grille comes with the licensed X-Metal Grille logo. Grilles could be in glossy black color with black or chrome studs. Each torch grille also sports a unique wiring harness, grilles that match the bumper, with light boxers and lights. It is double-coated to offer resistance to corrosion, and it comes with a lifetime structural warranty.

 FIA Grille Bug Screen Ford F-150
 FIA Grille Bug Screen Ford F-150

4. FIA GS902-18 Custom Fit Grille Bug Screen

Maybe you’ve been seeking for a custom grille that will fit your car perfectly without the need to do any cutting whatsoever, then FIA GS902-18 Custom Fit Grille Bug Screen is just for you. Here is a custom fit car grille that we designed to fit your vehicle from the factory. Another fantastic feature of this car grille is that it can be easily installed with the use of an adhesive bond without having to make any piercing on your car.

It is a car grille designed in a way such that the meshes shield the vehicle from debris, dirt, and bugs. Either in the summer or the winter, this product is weather-resistant and requires no tool to install. The mesh is made of heavy-duty metal that does not tear when rough-handled in off-road conditions. It is really a custom grille for the money.

Lexani Mesh Grille Cadillac Escalade 07-11
Lexani Mesh Grille Cadillac Escalade 07-11
Lexani Mesh Grille Cadillac Escalade 07-11

5. Lexani Mesh Grille - Model #LG-600101

Affluence and poshness best qualify the Lexani Mesh Grille Cadillac Escalade 07-11 fabricated by Lexani company. Synthesized from the high-end materials, this grille together with its side vents are crafted by ace material engineers. The end product is preconceived and expressed using the best grade stainless steel. The frame of this grille is designed using a delicately woven with dual bent mesh metal.

Every part is specially manufactured using contemporary and sophisticated CNC machines. Using a unique mold specially made for Lexani, the fabricating apparatus and coupling are undertaken by a league of expert and highly-skilled craftsmen. Immediately it is assembled, each grille kit is graciously finished in several custom choices.

Lexani Mesh Grille Cadillac Escalade 07-11 is so flexible and adaptable that it can be personalized to suit the user's preferences and this makes it the choice among car grille enthusiasts. You can opt for any of the various finishings available such as the heavily polished chrome, powder coating, wood grain coating and the specific color that matches your bumper. You will discover that after setting up this custom grille, the look of your vehicle will have been enhanced and even your status has been upgraded.

Buyers Guide

If you are a car fanatic who just bought a new car, you will probably want to improve the look by adding some aftermarket components to the vehicle. One of the accessories you will likely add is the car grille.

Grilles were initially meant to avail parts of the vehicle like radiator ventilation and protection. But nowadays grilles are customized according to the thirst and specifications of the client, to decorate and beautify the vehicle. These customized grilles are widely known as custom grilles.

Types of Custom Grilles available

Apart from the factory fitted grilles that every vehicle comes with, there are some different custom grilles available for different car models cutting across sports cars, luxury cars, utility vehicles and a lot of others. The three best-known custom grilles are;

i. Billet grilles

Billet grilles can come in the form of mesh whether tightly knit, in a broader open pattern or hexagonally-shaped grilles. It can also come as bars or straight tubing. They are constructed of lightweight aluminum or high-quality steel to prevent rusting. Billet grilles can be fixed over the factory fitted grilles or can replace them.

ii. Mesh grilles

These grilles are made especially for fast cars to help dissipate heat. Mesh grilles are considered to be a popular option in the aftermarket of customized grilles as they are well polished and chrome plated.

iii. CNC custom grilles

Computer numerical control has provided endless patterns for custom grilles thereby using a programmed set of instructions to make any pattern desired by the client. Its custom grilles can take any shape or form and can also provide spaces of different sizes.

Custom grilles installation

Custom grilles can be installed in numerous ways:

i. Overlay grilles installation

As the name implies, this means a method of placing the custom grilles over the existing factory grilles using hardware that is not visible. This is invariably an economical option.

ii. Insert grilles installation

This method of grilles installation involves cutting part of the existing grilles to the required degree and incorporating the insert grilles.

iii. Replacement installation

This type of installation removes the whole custom grilles and replaces it with the desired new custom grilles.

Bottom Line

Custom made car grilles are needed to decorate and make your cars and vehicles unique. Using this guide one can know which custom grille to go for while considering the grilles economical values and specifications that best suit the owner of the vehicle.