Best Exhaust System Kits Part for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

Flowmater Exhaust System on a Dodge Ram
Have you ever wanted to get the best performance and gas mileage from your car, SUV, or Truck? Then, you need to give your exhaust system a total makeover. Most people are restricted from getting the best mileage, performance, and sound from their vehicle because they are limited to the factory exhaust systems that tend to be made from low-grade steel. In which this type of steel doesn't age well and begin to rust and fall apart within a few years of usage.
MAR 14, 2019

However, getting the best exhaust system kits for your car, SUV, or truck has become a bit difficult since there are so many more options for exhaust system kits with various functions and efficiency. Getting a functional exhaust system kit is crucial because it's easier to pass the vehicle emission test with a great exhaust system and you can also get better mileage. Moreover, some prefer to upgrade their exhaust system for the aesthetic value. Truck owners usually place much emphasis on the aesthetic value of their exhaust systems. 

Let's take a look at the best exhaust system kits for your vehicle:

Flowmaster Outlaw Series Pt. 817688 

1. Flowmaster Exhaust Systems 

Have you ever wanted an exhaust system that will not only provide excellent performance, but also a soft growl as you cruise around the neighborhood, or as you speed across the highway? Then, the Flowmaster Exhaust System is one of the best exhaust systems because it gives you that fantastic combination of performance and growl. The Flowmaster uses an efficient mandrel-bent pipe to deliver unrivaled exhaust funneling. The mandrel-bend ensures that there's less resistance to fuel emissions. Therefore, you get better performance and more efficient airflow. Furthermore, this exhaust system also features a fully-welded chambered muffler, which ensures that your ride is devoid of any hitch. 

MAGNAFLOW Competition Series Exhaust System

2. MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems 

It's no surprise that this exhaust is on our list of top exhaust systems. Magna Flow Exhaust Systems’ performance, sound, quality construction, and fit make it a top choice for the lovers of custom vehicle parts. With durable, mandrel-bent stainless contours, this exhaust system fits perfectly to the underside of your vehicle to give an excellent exhaust flow and optimum corrosion resistance. So, you don't have to worry about changing any parts of this exhaust system for a long time. What's more, the MagnaFlow comes with high-performance mufflers that add a powerful tone to your ride. It also keeps annoying highway drone and exhaust restrictions to the barest minimum. Lastly, it's polished tips adds to its cosmetic value. 

Corsa Sport Axle-Back Exhaust - Black Tips (15-17 Mustang GT) Item 393795-B

3. Corsa Performance Exhaust 

Corsa Performance Exhaust delivers a high-performance exhaust that gives you that fantastic growl as you stomp on the gas. This system is worth a try as one of the best exhaust systems. Just like most high-end exhaust systems, the Corsa Performance Exhaust features mandrel-bent stainless-steel tubes. Above all, this exhaust system is known for its high noise-canceling effect. It cancels out any unwanted racket by crashing loud and annoying frequencies into each other. Therefore, your vehicle's engine to won’t have a conversation. In fact, the Corsa exhaust system not only reduces the sound of your engine to a gentle purr, but also increases the torque, horsepower, and MPGs. 

Gibson Exhaust System Filter-Back Dual Extreme Exhaust System, Stainless #69712

4. Gibson Exhaust System 

The Gibson exhaust system is not for the faint-hearted; it's distinct tone, and power is one to watch out for. Designed to give the best performance, this exhaust system uses a mandrel-bent stainless steel or aluminum tubing for optimum exhaust flow and perfect fit. As mentioned earlier, the Gibson exhaust system is for those who know the value of a powerful exhaust system. Its unmistakable growl makes it an ideal fit for dunes and rigs. So, make your presence felt as you cruise around with the Gibson Exhaust system. Besides, this exhaust system is legal for legit cruising in 50 states in the US. 

Banks Power 48347-B Monster Exhaust, Duals-Quad, S/S-Black Tips - 07-08 Chev 6.0

5. Banks Monster Exhaust System 

Every truck needs a powerful exhaust system that will give it the needed boost in performance and efficiency. The Banks Monster Exhaust Systems are far different from the conventional spindly stock pipes that come with most trucks. It's no surprise that this top exhaust system uses smooth mandrel-bend to boost sound, performance, and even MPGs. Mind you, the Banks Monster Exhaust System is specially designed for diesel engines and is manufactured with a hundred percent stainless steel. The high quality of the stainless steel ensures that the exhaust remains rust-free for a very long time. 

2009-2013 Chevy/GMC 1500 4.8/5.3/6.0L RC/EC/CC (excluding 8' bed)
Cat Back, Dual Split Side, AL

6. MBRP Installer Series Exhaust System

If what you need the best exhaust system in high-quality construction, MBRP Installer Series Exhaust System is worth checking out. They are reasonably priced systems made on the same processes and tooling as the MBRP’s ProSeries stainless steel cat-back systems. However, it features a far less expensive industry-standard aluminized steel. The aluminized steel pies and mufflers fit perfectly, and these exhaust systems deliver rich, mellow sound produced by the chambered muffler. Also, it has an improved performance thanks to its lowered backpressure that allows your engine to provide more torque and power. 

Best Exhaust Systems Kits Parts - Buying Guide 

How do Exhaust Systems Kits Work? 

In recent times, there's been global awareness towards fuel emissions, and how it contributes to smog and global warming. So, it has become imperative to get an exhaust system that will not only reduce your fuel emissions but also decreases your gas mileage. All vehicle emissions produce six types of gases, three of which are toxic; carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen monoxide. 

The exhaust manifold acts as a funnel that transfers the exhaust from the cylinders to the pipes. These exhaust pipes pass via a catalytic converter, which converts the toxic gas to inert gas. The gases pass through the silencer, which reduces the noise emitted. The silencer contains a set of tubes that cancels out the sound produced by the gases.

There are lots of exhaust systems in today's auto market, and this wide variety can even confuse experienced users. So, it's always best to consider the following features before you buy:

The Type of Tubing 

Aluminum tubing is the right fit for those who live in areas with dry weather conditions. Whereas, you need stainless-steel tubing if you live in humid and wet areas. There are different grades of stainless steel. For example, exhaust systems made from T409 stainless steel are reasonably corrosive resistant, and while those made from T304 can withstand different weather conditions. 

The Number of Modifications Required

You should know that some exhaust systems require a certain amount of modification, to fit your vehicle's specifications. For this reason, it's better to go for bolt-on exhaust systems, since they require little manpower. 

The Noise Emission 

Some folks prefer loud exhaust systems, while others prefer the low purr of some exhaust systems. So, it's essential to find out about the sound emitted by your preferred exhaust system. Try scouring through some customers review as before making your choice. 

Bottom Line 

Choosing the best exhaust system for your vehicle is one of the vital auto decisions that you will ever make. Most people are hesitant about taking the step to procure a new exhaust since they think it won't be as efficient as the factory-made ones. However, purchasing an exhaust system that delivers shouldn’t be complicated. Hope this list helps.