Best Off-Road Fender Flares
Paint Protecting Rugged Good Looks

JK Fender Flares | Front Crusader Mid Width
If you are into off-roading and you haven’t equipped your machine with off-road fender flares, then you’ve probably already experienced the eye wincing sound of trail debris bouncing off the side of your ride. This is particularly true if you have upgraded to bigger tires. Those chunky treads kick up pebbles, gravel, tree debris, mud, and anything else mother nature has to offer. 
OCT 07, 2020

You wouldn’t intentionally throw rocks at the side of your truck or SUV but that’s exactly what your tires are doing every time you leave the asphalt. Fender flares extend out from your wheel wells and not only protect your paint job, but offer a cool exterior feature that will make your ride uniquely yours. They are mostly easy to install, can perfectly match the color of your vehicle or come in custom colors to add a whole new dimension to your profile.

And you’ve got choices. Lots and lots of choices.

Fender flares come in four basic designs:

Smittybilt M1 Fender Flare Set

Rivet Style

Also known as pocket flares, the rivet fender flare is the most popular design. The rivet style extends the protection offered by your existing fender and gives your ride a beefy off-road appearance. The rivets are purely decorative. Typically these install in existing holes meaning you can have a whole new look in less than an hour. Most leading manufacturers can match the color of your ride when you use your paint code when ordering.

Fab Fours JK10061 Wide Flare

Extra Wide

The name says it all. If you have installed a lift kit and new bigger, wider tires, these bad boys stick out far enough to protect you from that extra wide rubber. Installation doesn’t require any special tools or skills.

Bushwacker Cut-Out Matte Black Fender Flares


If you have oversized tires and you want a head turning look, cut-out fender flares are right up your alley. Designed to protect against tire kick-up, the cut-out fender is similar to the extra wide but more aggressive in appearance. But with this model you need some tools and skill. You need to cut into your existing fenders. If metal shop was never your strong point in high school, get a pro to put these fenders on.

LUND Street Style Fender Flares

Street Style

If your off roading consists mostly of driving your daily ride on gravel roads, you can get protection from the stones without dramatically changing its profile with street style fender flares. These offer greater coverage than original fenders and are designed (and painted) to seamlessly blend into your machine’s original look. Easy to install, the street style fender flares are the answer for drivers who don’t want gravel scratches but are happy with the look of their ride just as it is.

So you pick your style and then start your search for an aftermarket manufacturer with the best off-road fender flares. We hope you start that search at where we carry the best of the best.

Best Off-Road Fender Flare Brands

As mentioned, there are a ton of companies making fender flares. Here’s a short list of some of the best off-road fender flares:

Wrangler Smittybilt XRC Fender Flare Kit 4 Piece
Wrangler Smittybilt XRC Fender Flare Kit 4 Piece

Smittybilt – Of course Smittybilt makes one of the best off-road fender flares. Founded in the 50s, this little machine shop that could has become a mammoth manufacturer of all things off-road. Their M-1 line of fender flares has all steel, perfectly molded for the model, UV resistant, high quality, fender flare products for a wide range of vehicles. Their XRC line also has high quality fender flares designed specifically for Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited.

Fab Fours Fender Flare in 2 Stage Black Powder Coat
Fab Fours Fender Flare in 2 Stage Black Powder Coat
Fab Fours Fender Flare in 2 Stage Black Powder Coat

Fab Four – These guys offer specific solutions for specific model trucks. One we like a lot is their Open Fender System for Chevy heavy duty 4x4 trucks. A unique “rivet” style allows fyou to run larger tires without installing a lift kit. You get the debris protection and a lower center of gravity to boot. All of their products are on the innovative side and you need to check them out.

Go Rhino Trailline Fender Pair
Go Rhino Trailline Fender Pair

Go Rhino – If you drive a JK then you need to check out Go Rhino’s Trailline® fender flares. You get it all in these precisely crafted all steel fenders, wheel clearance, enhanced axel articulation, and debris protection. Easy to install the Trailline® group are specifically for Wrangler JK models.

JK Fender Flares | Front Crusader Mid Width
JK Fender Flares | Front Crusader Mid Width
JK Fender Flares | Front Crusader Mid Width

JCR Offroad – If you are driving a Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator or Grand Cherokee, JCR has a fender flare for you. Their JK Crusader fender flare is typical of all their line. They are designed for the driver who wants to retain the original Jeep look but be able to  accommodate a larger tire. Also they want to dump the cheap plastic fenders that come as OEM. Hand built in the USA, JCR fenders are easy to install and come with all installation hardware. 

So there you have it. A quick list of the best off-road fender flares to start your search and we really think you need to start at right now. You’ll find the best collection of brands and outstanding customer service. Check us out!