Best Performance Brake Kits

K-Sport 8 Pot 330mm Big Brake Kit (
In this article we will discuss the best performance brake kits. When it gets to safety on the highway, your vehicle’s brake kits plays a crucial role. Periodic servicing and regular brake changing are central to guaranteeing lower stopping distances and preventing collisions. So, high performance brake kits are a must have. Brake kits should be inspected from time to time to ascertain their condition. Inferior brake components can lead to a lower braking ability and more time for vehicles to stop, increasing the likelihood of an accident. 
APR 02, 2019

Brake kits come in different styles and forms, from the very expensive to the low-end budget kits. However, finding the exact and best performance brake kit that will fit your vehicle might be a tricky, especially if you are not an expert on how brake kits work. We have compiled a review of the best performance brake kits to guide you through your purchase process. 

K-Sport 8 Pot 330mm Big Brake Kit – R53 MINI Cooper S(

K Sport – 8 Pot Big Brake Kit

The K-Sport Big Brake kit with 8-pot caliber mechanism with a 330mm motor built for MINI Cooper vehicles. It is finished with a yellow coating that blends perfectly with the car’s calipers. With the K Sports RM 5500, you can’t miss out on the braking system. You get the value for the money spent and it comes with every feature required.

When you purchase this kit, you get 8-pot calipers, big floating discs, wide brake pads, coupling brackets, rubber-sleeved metal-coated brake lines, and a buyer’s guide. What you will only change is the brake fluid. However, it is advisable that when you buy this K-Sport RM 5500 brake kit, you get a professional to install it for you.

This brake kit gives your vehicle protection over brake failure, leading to higher brake modulation and even better stops as the brakes are applied. The K-Sport RM 5500 is no doubt one of the best brake kits.

ProGrip™ Brake System for Jeep Wrangler JK (#JK44-2X1125-A)

Dynatrac ProGrip Brake System Kit for Jeep Wrangler

When you fix the DynatracProGrip brake kit on your Jeep Wrangler, you get rock-solid braking with highly efficient and durable kit components. Implying less money to be expended on maintenance. It could add up to as much as 100pounds of weight on the vehicle.

While on the freeway, there are some instances where abrupt stoppings will be needed, this brake kit ensures you’re fully covered in such situations. The brake kit is fully capable of delivering maximum stopping required under-regulated instances even when the road is slippery and very wet. This makes it safe for you to drive on any road condition, snowy, rainy, and even muddy.

DynatracProGrip is made of high quality and durable materials, one that will satisfy your braking demands anytime any day. This braking kit is indisputably on the higher end, one whose fabrication is perfect with no additional machine marks, neat castings and flash free ones, zero wear, rust, or anomalies from the factory.

It sports big rotors that increase the calipers capability to grind the wheel to a halt when it is moving, and this is what makes it a very efficient brake kit. The bigger the wheel rotated, the more convenient it is to rotate the gears. 

Ksport Front ProComp 6 Pot Slotted Front Big Brake System (#BKSB150-611SO)

K-Sport 6-Pot Brake Kit

Do you care for a nice-looking and completely-made brake kit with braided hoses and all bolts? Here is K Sports, a lightweight brake kit with rear-facing rotor grooves and black/orange color choice. You get the value of the purchase with its 2-piece grooved discs, which can be easily fitted, and yet not costly.

This brake kit is easy to fix on the vehicle, although you’ll probably need a mechanic to do that. The braking is precise and efficient, giving little stopping distance and a firm grip that prevents accidents from crashing into objects.

This brake kit is very consistent with impressive brake experience with braking capacity that surpasses that of its contemporaries. Additionally, irrespective of the temperature, this brake kit does not include rumble or squeal, and it’s very stable on its front to rear ratio. 

Stage 6 Track Day Dimpled and Slotted Brake Kit (#sp7498)

EBC Performance Brake Kits

Cut down the unnecessary cost of purchasing the different parts of a brake kit with this high-end brake upgrade kit that contains a piece of EBC Brakes with excellent friction brake pads and a pair of braking motors. It also features caliber lube for the brakes. This kit is the ideal choice for rough road surfaces, high-speed car racing, and off-road racing content. You can as well find it very useful if you use a lightweight truck, jeep, or Sports Utility Vehicle.

The EBC Performance comes with pads that increase the bed-in duration of the pad after setting it up. The brake pads are grooved and beveled. Brake rotors are fabricated using high-quality and solid wrought iron and coated with Geomet to prevent rusting. It has a big aperture insert which admits cooling air to the braking area, takes away the dirt, dust particles and sediments very swiftly.

EBC Performance Brake Kit is a 90-pound cost-efficient feature that fits straight from the factory; you need no modifications to the stock set up. The brake pads are grooved and have holes. It is a long-lasting seeing brake kit that worths the money spent on its purchase.

Honda Prelude 1997-2001 Front 13" / 330mm ProComp 8 Piston Big Brake Kit (#BKHD180-831SO)

Best Performance Brake Kits: K-Sport Procomp 13" Brake Kit

Are you looking to buy the best brake kit brand that offers the best stopping force for your vehicle while incorporating the contemporary braking approach into the fabrication of the kits? Ksport 13’ is the perfect answer for you.

The K-Sport Procomp 13" Brake it gives room for a kit that significantly lowers Brake fade and persistently cools and revives the brake pad surface while braking. The brake mechanism is wired for convenience while fixing them, requiring only a few tools.

Here is a toolkit with a lightweight caliper that sports various bore configuration. It is engineered using top-class billets which give lightweight and yet sturdy body. The Procomp 13” has engineered in shielding grooves, and the pistons are made of durable aluminum with seals that can resist high heat

Buying Guide: Performance Best Brake Kits

The relevance of brakes to the vehicle cannot be overemphasized. They function as the regulator of the vehicle’s speed. Brakes allow you to lower the speed of your vehicle or even bring it to a halt altogether.

When your brake component wears away, there’s our increased risk of having an auto crash and protracted stopping distances. Best performance brake kits are essential add-ons that allow you to have greater control over your vehicle’s speed and increased efficiency. What do you need to look out for when buying best performance brake kits?

Brake Discs and Pads

Every brake kit comes with brake discs and pads. You need to ascertain the quality of these components before buying the brake kits. You do not need to uncover the discs from the box before you determine this. You can search for the specifications online before purchase. It is equally essential that the brake disc is coated to prevent rust.

Also, you need to be mindful of the brake pads in the kit before buying. The brake pad must be thick enough for your vehicle to have firm and precise braking. The best way to have the right brake disc for your car is to inspect the diameter of the disc and its width and check it against your vehicle's specifications to ensure that they match.


Budget is another crucial factor you need to consider before buying your best performance brake kits. How much can you afford to spend on the purchase of brake kits? Assuming you are on a low budget, it is advisable to buy the relatively cheap brake kits which you can change later as more cash flows in.

However, if the money is there, you can go for the high-performing top-class performance brake kits that will be durable and last for a more extended period. In all, the bottom line is that you should look at your finance before narrowing down on any brake kit.

Purpose of Purchase

It is also important to define your requirement when shopping for any aftermarket accessory. Why do you need a brake kit? If you want to use your vehicle for top-speed car racing, for instance, you might be considering the very efficient and high-quality performance brake kits. However, if what you seek is just a brake kit to enhance the braking system of your car for daily use, then just the average brake kits will suffice.

Bottom Line

High-performance brake kits are essential components of the vehicle. At the most basic, brake kits allow you to stop your vehicle at will and prevents accidents when you run into obstacles unprepared. However, most brakes that come with vehicles from the factory are not designed to deliver the efficiency we often desire while on freeways/highways and at high velocities. This is where the brake kits come in. This article will guide you in choosing the best performance brake kits for your car.