Best Performance Chips for your Vehicle

Christian Guirguis (@v4voodoo)
For those who prefer to experience thrills while on the road, finding the best performance chip to enhance your vehicle could be time consuming or expensive. Modern cars all have their engine performance controlled via microchips, but this means you get a limited capacity. 
MAY 13, 2019

With a performance chip, however, you can reprogram that microchip and use your engine to its full potential. Performance chips can enhance your engine’s capabilities, increase speed and acceleration, and even improve fuel efficiency. You just have to choose which one to go with, so consider the following top options.

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Programmer (#40420)

Best Performance Chips - Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Programmer

One of the best performance chips for your vehicle comes from Bully Dog. The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Programmer has four different settings for performance, along with the ability to shift on the fly. This lets you optimize horsepower for your current driving situation. Most diesel trucks will be able to use the chip to initiate DPF burn-off, as well. The tuner and programmer include a full-color monitor to put you in control and has a driving coach to enhance fuel efficiency. Use the system to store 10 custom tunes and mount the system onto your dash with ease.


  • Four performance settings
  • Full-color monitor
  • Fuel-efficiency coach
  • Storage for 10 custom tunes
Edge Evolution CTS2 Programmer (#85450)

Best Performance Chips - Edge Evolution CTS2 Programmer

On our list of the best performance chips for your vehicle is the Edge Evolution CTS2 Programmer, which comes in a gas or diesel version, the system will reprogram the stock computer in your vehicle. You just need to make a single cable connection to the auto’s diagnostic port. It includes multiple power levels, each of which an engineering team custom engineered. Installation takes a few minutes, and then you will have access to more torque and horsepower. The system also includes real-time engine data monitoring to let you make the most of the programmer.


  • Available for gas and diesel
  • Single cable connection
  • Installation in minutes
  • Real-time engine data monitoring
Computer Chip Stage 1 Auto Transmission (#18205)

Best Performance Chips - Jet Performance Computer Chip

Like some of the best performance chips for your vehicle, the Jet Performance Computer Chip simply plugs into your OBD-II port and will enhance your daily driving excitement no matter your driving habits. You will get better fuel mileage, power, and torque. It works seamlessly with the Power Control Module to optimize things like transmission shift points, spark timing, and the air-to-fuel ratio. The chip was custom-made for your ride for the best possible performance and comes with a warranty.


  • Plugs into the diagnostic port
  • Works with Power Control Module
  • Optimize transmission shift points and more
  • Warranty
Jet V-Force Plus Power Control Module (#67030)

Best Performance Chips - Jet V-Force Plus Power Control Module

The V-Force Plus Power Control Module from Jet is one of the best performance chips for your vehicle. It lets you monitor your auto’s information and delivers improved acceleration and performance. The module uses a 20-megahertz RISC processor to optimize fuel maps and ignition advance to improve both driveability and horsepower. Monitoring your auto’s performance is a breeze thanks to the 14 screens for things like mass air flow, fuel economy, air/fuel ratio, throttle position, and manifold pressure.


  • Enhanced acceleration and performance
  • RISC processor
  • 14 screens
  • Monitor automotive information
SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer (#7015)

Best Performance Chips - SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer

The SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer is considered one of the best performance chips for your vehicle. This programmer is incredibly easy to read compared to some of the others thanks to its large backlit display. It comes preloaded with proven DYNO tune files to increase torque and horsepower. Use it to read real-time vehicle data, check information from sensors, and more. Use the programmer to store as many as 10 custom tunes that your SCT Custom Tuning Dealer creates for you. Updates are easy thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi, and you can easily restore the system back to stock whenever you want.


  • Large backlit display
  • Preloaded with tune files
  • Stores 10 custom tunes
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
Superchips Flashpaq F5 Tuner (#4845)

Best Performance Chips - Superchips Flashpaq Tuner

Last on our list of the best performance chips for your vehicle is the Superchips Flashpaq Tuner. It is a handheld tool that is simple to use and features an intuitive interface. The screen is high resolution and in color. Like the other top performance tuners, this one will enhance both horsepower and torque while also maximizing fuel efficiency to save you money. There are versions available for both gas and diesel trucks, as well as a California Edition to meet that state’s stricter regulations. The system installs in minutes without any tools and includes a two-year powertrain warranty.


  • Handheld
  • High-resolution color screen
  • Boost torque and horsepower
  • Available for gas or diesel