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Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
You’ve got the perfect street ride. Maybe it’s a tricked out F 150 or a Ram 1500 with a 6 inch lift kit, or maybe a hot hatch like a Hyundai Veloster is your style. It’s hot in every aspect but it’s still missing something. It’s missing that throaty exhaust that tells the world just how powerful a machine you are in control of.
OCT 05, 2020

You’re missing a BORLA performance exhaust system.

When it’s time for the best in aftermarket exhaust systems; ones that can add 7 to 10 hp, growl that sexy, throaty tone, stand up to corrosion, eliminates drone, and comes with a Million Mile Warranty, then it’s time to check out the professionals who have perfected stainless steel exhaust systems, BORLA® Exhaust.

When You Want to Get Serious About Your Exhaust System

Each year millions of OEM and aftermarket exhaust systems are replaced due to corrosion and poor performance. For the past 40 years, BORLA®  has committed to providing world-class exhaust products that surpass customer expectations. 

That commitment translates into assembling the best engineering and manufacturing talent in the industry, using high strength, durable, aircraft-quality T-304 stainless steel exclusively, and constant process improvement based on racing results and customer feedback. A leading and award winning supplier to the racing world, BORLA® offers the best performing street-legal systems, manifolds, mufflers, resonators and tips. Made in America, BORLA® does more than just increase the volume of your exhaust. BORLA® systems are tuned to allow your ride to sing and rumble as well as improve performance.

When it’s time for a serious upgrade in performance, and when you want a sweet sound rolling out of your exhaust…it’s time for BORLA®.

"Borla Exhaust for the 2015-2019 C7 Corvette Z06 [Exhaust System Sounds]" by Borla Performance Industries

BORLA Performance Exhaust Systems and Parts

BORLA® makes a complete line of performance exhaust systems and components for rides from Acura to Volkswagen and most everything in between. If you are looking for a complete performance upgrade or you just want to sweeten up the sound, BORLA® has a solution for you.

981 Cayman/ Cayman S/ Boxster/ Boxster S 2013-2016 Cat-Back™ Exhaust S-Type (Part #140534)

Cat-Back Performance System

An oldie but a goldie, the Cat-Back was developed in 1978 to meet the challenges of new emission regulations (are you old enough to remember leaded gas?). This is a perennial favorite for customers. As the name implies, the exhaust system is in back of the catalytic converter meaning the emissions remain at OEM levels. It increases performance, sweetens the sound, without having to worry about your next emission test. Bolt on installation uses OEM hangers and requires no welding. Put a Cat-Back on a Chevy Silverado and you go from a workhorse to a throaty stallion.

Resonator - 2.75" Center Inlet / Center Outlet 5" Round x 10" Long Body 15" Overall Length. Universal Part. Reversible Design (Part #401338)

Universal Resonator

If you have a loud system (think big pipes) what you really have is just noise. In addition, bigger is not better. Large pipes slow down exhaust gases and dramatically reduce their temperature resulting in a loss of energy. Bring those big pipes into line on that F 250 by installing a BORIA® universal resonator. Built with T-304 stainless steel for durability and packed with high-temperature continuous-filament fiber (CFF) acoustic material for sound control, this resonator will take you from noise maker music maker and improve performance in the process.

2.75" Inlet - 4" Single Round Rolled-Edge Angle-Cut Outlet - 14" Long Tip With Black Chrome Finish. Embossed With BORLA® Logo. Weld On Mounting Method (Part #20162)

Black Chrome Exhaust Tips

Black is the new chrome. It seems that every truck, SUV, and car now has a “black” option package. Black wheels, blacked out grilles, and blacked out trim have all replaced chrome and aluminum as the accent color of choice. BORLA® recently expanded its black chrome line from some select models to a wide range of platforms. Made of the same T-309 stainless steel, the black chrome exhausts can handle single and dual exhaust needs. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, these tips look great by themselves or as a compliment to your blacked out exterior design.

Corvette Z06/ Grand Sport 2015-2019 Axle-Back Exhaust ATAK (Part #11909)

Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

If you have a 2015 to 2018 Chevy Corvette and you have “upgraded” the exhaust, odds are you now have a system that is loud all the time or generates a ton of drone at 1200 – 2000 rpm or both. BORLA has a solution for that. Their Axle-back system replaces the muffler, pipe(s) and tip(s) with genuine BORLA® parts creating a brand new driving experience. For starters, there is absolutely no drone at any rpm. Your Vette will emit a satisfying gurgle when idling, a low throaty tone when cruising, and a “scare-the-pants-off-you” roar when you punch the pedal. You’ve got a hot ride, get an exhaust that lives up to the rest of Vette mystique.

BORLA® is your source for all things dealing with performance exhaust systems and is your source for all things BORLA®. Check us out now!