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Ford Raptor with Fuel Off-Road Wheels Militia D725 with a Bronze and Matte Black Finish (Tint World - Medford NT)
Looking for an awesome set of wheels for your off-road ride? If you want head-turning designs, the strength of forged, high strength aluminum, a lifetime structural warranty, and unlimited finishes, then you need to check out the trend setting wheels from Fuel off-road. Operating 25 computerized CNC machines 24/7 at their California production center, Fuel Off-Road Wheels cranks out the latest in off-road rims in sizes and styles that will boggle your mind.
OCT 02, 2020

Fuel Off-Road Wheels got in the off-road business in 2009 with the idea of dominating the industry by making high quality, affordable, eye-bending designs for everything from a stock Chevy Silverado to a Ford F 250 with a 6-inch lift. They even have a line for DRW heavy-duty dually trucks like a Ram 3500 or a monster Ford F 450. 

Great looks, great prices, and an amazing selection have made Fuel Off-Road Wheels the rim of choice among serious off-road owners.

Check it out.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels - Covert D716 in a Matte Anthracite w/Black Ring

Fuel Single Piece

A leader in trail tough rims ranging from 20” to 30” diameters that is also engineered to give you superior everyday performance for your 9 to 5 commute. Available in a huge collection of styles, the Fuel 1-piece is an affordable, natural pick for your ride.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels - FF30 in Brushed Polish (Photo Credits)

Fuel Forged

Take on the toughest terrain with these rims machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy monoblock forgings. With fitments up to 30” these wheels are the largest forged rims on the market. Think about the beating your lifted truck wheels take and then think about Fuel forged rims. Available in classic or concave designs.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels - Assault D246 in a Chrome Face w/Gloss Black Lip

Fuel Two Piece

If style and appearance is what you want most, Fuel’s cast 2-piece wheels deliver the style without the price of the forged competition. Two pieces offer fantastic design options plus the ability to play with contrasting finishes. Check out the Fuel options and add a true unique look to your ride.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels - Cleaver Dually Rear

Fuel Dually

When there are seriously heavy loads needing hauling, you dually with Fuel rims will set your heavy-duty truck apart from the others. And get this, each 1-piece or 2-piece cast or forged wheel is designed specifically for your ride. No more need for adapters or spacers. Just bolt on and go. Our custom forged dually line is designed to accommodate rigs with fitments for street, lifted, and extreme trucks running traditional or super single fronts.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels - TECH Beadlock

Fuel UTV

If you like to play dirty, if you think Baja is the perfect race track, then you need to see the Fuel wheels designed specifically for Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV). Whether you are into ripping up dunes or blasting through mud, Fuel has a wheel for you including 1 piece forged beadlock rims. Available in diameters from 18” to 30” you can find a wheel for even the most extreme lift job.

What’s New For Fuel Off-Road Wheels in 2020?

Don’t blink or you may miss the latest product to toll out of Fuel Off-Road Wheel’s production center. Not only does Fuel have a wide line of wheels, they stay on top of design trends in the off-road world and quickly bring new products to market. 

So what’s new for 2020? Fuel Off-Road Wheels has 18 different lines and has added over 50 new models for 2020. They include forged 1-piece wheels, affordable cast 2-piece rims, a big new selection of dually rims, beadlocks, and hot new finishes. Your biggest challenge will be choosing from a car-load of awesome wheels for your rig.

Just because Fuel has such a large selection of new models doesn’t mean your perfect wheel doesn’t fall in older designs. For example, the most popular wheels at Fuel include:

Fuel Off-Road Wheels - Anza in Matte Black w/ Anthracite Ring (Photo Credits)

Fuel Anza

A 1-piece aluminum alloy rim available in a number of finishes including matte black and bronze. Aggressive design and an equally aggressive price. Great way to give your ride a customized look.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels - D656 Dually Triton

Fuel D656 Dually Triton

If you have a heavy-duty rig that you want to trick out, but still want the confidence that the wheels can handle any terrain, the matte black with red tint Triton is the rim for you. Available in a 20” diameter.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels - Tactic in Matte Black

Fuel Tactic

Hot aggressive design on this cast aluminum alloy wheel. Great look and fantastic price.

Fuel Off-Road Wheels - Hostage in a Matte Black finish

Fuel Hostage Matte Black

Awesome eight spoke 1-piece aluminum alloy wheel that gives your truck the unique look you want. Available in 17” diameter with a 9” wide rim.

At the end of the day, if you want a rugged, perfectly constructed wheel that will perform on the toughest terrain but still deliver performance on the pavement, and you want an awesome look, then you need a Fuel Off-Road wheel. We have a great selection of them at and you need to check them out now!