Brand Highlight: Fuel Off-Road Wheels

Ford F-150 Raptor with ANZA - D583 Fuel Wheels (Fuel Off-Road)
The fastest way to add instant awesomeness to your off-road truck or SUV is to slap on a set of Fuel wheels designed specifically for off-roading. Yes, the rubber is important, but the eye immediately goes to the design and finish of your ride’s wheels and you’re not going to find anything as impressive as a precision machined wheel from the leader of custom wheels, Fuel Forged.
AUG 06, 2019

Fuel Wheels that make the Off-Road Ride Go Round and Round

Good looks stroke your ego and give you trail cred among your off-road buddies, but performance is a must as well. Fuel Off-Road keeps their 25 CNC machines busy 24 hours a day cutting aerospace quality T1 aluminum, one-piece masterpieces in a variety of sizes and widths to ensure top performance on no matter what kind of off-road ride you have. They’re trail-tough but also engineered to provide an excellent daily ride.

And talk about choices! It seems like Fuel Off-Road is introducing a new line every other week. Your biggest challenge in selecting a Fuel wheel might be deciding what you want among the myriad of options. To make that task a little easier, we’ve listed Fuel’s top sellers. These seven wheels are all one piece and priced from reasonable to pricey. They consistently fly out of the store because of their classic designs and incredible feedback from previous buyers.

Check it out:


Jeep Gladiator on 20X10 ASSAULT - D546 with a Black and Milled Finish  (Fuel Off-Road)
ASSAULT - D546(Fuel Off-Road)
Jeep Gladiator on 20X10 ASSAULT - D546 with a Black and Milled Finish(Fuel Off-Road)


The Assault Series is always a sales leader and for good reason. With Chiseled good looks, this eight-spoke wheel comes in a matte black finish with milled accents that are going to make your truck or SUV the envy of all those with lesser, stock, wheels. Built from T1 aluminum, these babies are built to last. They come with a lifetime warranty on structure and a one-year warranty on finish. Available in sizes 17 to 22 and a wide array of width, you’ll find an ASSAULT that will fit your ride.

Ford Ranger with 17X9 BEAST-D564 with a Black & Machined with Dark Tint (Fuel Off-Road)
BEAST - D564 (Fuel Off-Road)

Fuel D 564 BEAST

One-piece six-spoke wheel cast from T1 aluminum stands up to everything the trail can toss at it. Lightweight for improved handling and performance, these black, machined wheels are available in a wide range of sizes. Engineered for a comfortable 9 to 5 ride on concrete and still take on the rocks, gravel, and dirt of the trail, the BEAST is one of the most affordable models in the Fuel lineup.

F-150 on 20X9 VAPOR - D560 (Fuel Off-Road)
VAPOR - D560 (Fuel Off-Road)
F-150 on 20X9 VAPOR - D560 (Fuel Off-Road)


If you want your F-150 or Wrangler Unlimited to have a touch of a “sinister” or “bad boy” look then you need to check out Fuel’s Vapor off-road wheel. These six-spoke, black, machined face, double-dark tint wheels will give your ride that dangerous look you want. One-piece construction for super strength and lightweight, these wheels are perfect for the pavement or the trail.

Jeep Wrangler with THROTTLE - D513 (Fuel Off-Road)
THROTTLE - D513(Fuel Off-Road)


Want your truck to stand out from the crowd? Nobody is going to miss these eight-spoke, matte black milled finish Fuel THROTTLE wheels. Toss in the bolt accents around the rim and you have made a statement. Cast from a single piece of aluminum to ensure stiffness and strength, the THROTTLE will show off in the parking lot and kick butt on the trail. Lifetime warranty on structure and limited warranty on finish guarantee your investment is protected.

Jeep Wrangler with 20X10 ANZA - D557 with a Gloss Black Finish (Fuel Off-Road)
ANZA - D557 (Fuel Off-Road)
Jeep Wrangler with 20X10 ANZA - D557 with a Gloss Black Finish(Fuel Off-Road)


The one-piece ANZA wheel with its five spokes and graphite bead ring comes in matte black and is sure to turn heads. This rugged, lightweight wheel is engineered to provide optimal performance on the road and off, especially off. Another affordable choice from Fuel that lets you dress up your ride while improving overall performance. 

In Conclusion

So, there are the top five hottest one-piece wheels from the Fuel Wheels lineup but that’s not all they offer. Fuel has a whole other world of amazing two-piece, forged and custom wheels (you dream it up they make it) as well. Do yourself a favor and check out what Fuel Off-Road has to offer now!