GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept with Diesel Power is the Best Thing This Winter

GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept (GMC)
Adventure – it's the concept that the GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept unveiled at the Mountain Vail this winter. Based on the GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali 4WD Crew Cab platform, the Sierra All Mountain concept takes the prospects of one of the most adept off-road vehicles.
APR 28, 2018

The car, which will be on continuous display at the Vail Resorts, Inc. this winter season, seems to be a sort of a testament to the GMC mission. Demonstrating the extremes to which the GMC vehicle can go, the Sierra All Mountain features off-road rigged exterior and the most prestigious and glamorous interior one may imagine in a Sierra. Premium features closely associated with the best of the luxurious GM cars of today do not exactly seem to fit well on a car with a wild stature. But that is the point. GMC showcases to what end its vehicles can go - in both directions. 

GMC Sierra All Mountain – “Above and Beyond”

New Turbodiesel V8 with so much torque to pull the Moon 

It is fitted with 6.6 liter V8 Turbo diesel easily capable of giving us the chills. 445hp is only one part of this engine equation. Much more important is the extreme, almost unbelievable amount of torques. The GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept 6.6-liter turbo diesel engine has a mad 910 lb-ft of torque. Considering the Mattracks®, torque like that is what one would need. 
Apart from the Mattracks®, 150 Series Tracks with GMC Red finish, this Sierra 2500HD Denali 4WD Crew Cab gained a host of awesome GMC Accessories: 

  • Wheel well and underbody LED lights
  • Snowboard Racks, associated accessories by Thule®
  • Amplifier and Dual Pod Speaker Kit, associated accessories by KICKER®
  • RIGID E-Series 30-Inch Light Bar
  • Soft roll-up tonneau cover by Advantage
  • Sierra-branded sport bar
  • 3-inch off-road step bars
  • Front and rear premium floor liners
  • Bed extender by Lund

“The Sierra All Mountain concept is perfectly suited for the outdoor activities offered at Vail properties,” said Rich Latek, director of GMC Marketing. “This unique concept truck is a fun way to attract attention to GMC and highlight our partnership with Vail Resorts.” 
Combining all the fanatic off-road features and using them with Allison 1000 transmission linked with that mad torquey engine will give the Sierra All Mountain Concept magical powers. 

Mountaintops, icy surfaces, ski slopes? 

It can conquer it all. Just watch the video GMC published on YouTube. The GMC Sierra All Mountain Concept is unstoppable. But it is not the only one. The one based on top of the Sierra 2500HD All Terrain X platform was unveiled at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show. 

“With GMC’s focus on premium capability and design, we wanted to ensure that this concept took these signature attributes to an entirely new level,” said Carl Zipfel, GMC exterior designer. “The Sierra All Mountain concept Mattracks® technology enables the truck to conquer uncharted territory while highlighting premium interior features such as Bose speakers and upscale leather treatments.”
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