Intro Forged Wheels – Customize Your Classic Ride

Ford F-150 on Intro Wheels ID313-Exposed 5
Over 20 years ago, a group of automotive enthusiasts formed a company to make wheels for other enthusiasts. For over two decades, Intro has been creating spectacular custom forged rims bringing new life and identity to classic cars, project rides, hotrods, and custom builds. If you own a classic like a ’71 Corvette, ’67 Camaro or ’64 Chevy Impala you want wheels that are as unique and classic as your ride is. The same goes for custom built trucks and performance builds. Intro is the one company that understands the passion the enthusiast community has for their rides and can create that special rim they are looking for.  
NOV 23, 2020

It’s all about customization and because Intro builds forged wheels, they have a wide range of sizing and fitment. Intro can create any of their aggressive 5 or 6 spoke designs in diameters ranging from 15” to 30” with any desired width and offset. Forged from 100% aluminum billet and designed to excite the enthusiast’s interest, Intro wheels meet all fitment and performance requirements. 

The designs are eye-grabbing and sure to give your ride a whole new look that is uniquely yours. The standard finish is polished aluminum and when we say polished, we mean inside and out including center caps. Also available is a new Smooth finish or the patent pending Satin Suede. You are going to love the way these forged wheels look on your vehicle.

Custom Forged Wheels from Intro

Here are a few examples of how you can turn your ride into the coolest vehicle at the show…or on your block.

Intro Wheels: GT Sport with Rivets

GT Sport with Rivets

If you have a classic or custom-built pickup you have to take a hard look at the GT Sport wheel. The convex 5 spoke design features two rings of “rivets” giving the rim rugged good looks that perfectly match the tough good looks of your workhorse. Available in diameters ranging from 15” to 26” and widths up to 10”, the GT Sport comes standard with a polished aluminum finish.

Intro Wheels: Imperial

Intro Wheels Imperial

If you are driving a classic Chevy or Plymouth from the early 60s, it probably had hubcaps as OEM. The Intro Imperial model takes that hubcap design and gives it a solid dose of steroids. A large center disk has a sunburst of spokes radiating out to the rim giving the wheel a spectacular high-end retro look. The Imperial is a 5-bolt pattern wheel available in sizes running from 15.0x7.0” to 26.0x10.00.

Intro Wheels: Kidney Bean

Intro Wheels Kidney Bean

Another retro looking rim that is custom built to order. The Kidney Bean is a two-piece polished billet aluminum rim featuring five eye-attracting windows and an impressive center cap. Available as a 5, 6 and 8 bolt patterns in sizes 15.0x7.00 to 26.0x10.00.

Intro Wheels: Twisted Blade 8

Twisted Blade 8

A custom built two-piece billet aluminum wheel that looks great on a pickup or SUV, the Twisted Blade 8 comes with a polished aluminum finish. Eight concave triangular shaped spokes give the appearance of movement even when the rim is sitting still. Available in an 8-bolt pattern in sizes 16.0x7.00 to 26.0x10.00.

Intro Wheels: Vista II 5

Vista II 5

This two-piece polished billet aluminum custom built wheel that goes great with classic C10 Chevys. Five split style spoke insert custom welded into the barrel give these rims an aggressive retro look that C10 owners love. The Vista II 5 is a 5 bolt pattern design that comes in sizes ranging 15.0x7.00 to 26.0x10.00.

Intro Delivers What You Want

Intro knows the enthusiast. We know that it is highly unlikely that an owner of a classic hasn’t modified their ride in one way or another and that can make a big difference in how, or if, the wheel will fit. Intro is a custom wheel maker. Let them know if you have swapped out suspensions or installed bigger brakes than the OEM gear. Because most of the Intro line is two-piece, we can easily adjust the insert to ensure optimum fitment. Just let us know.

Bottom line…you can take your classic, project car or hotrod to the next level by adding a set of Intro custom built forged wheels!