Lexani Luxury Wheels – When You Want to Make a Serious First Impression

Cadillac Escalade on Lexani Wheels Wraith
If your choice of ride is a Lamborghini, Rolls Royce Wraith or Ferrari, odds are you are highly successful at what you do and making a first impression is very important to you. You have chosen a brand that sends a message of power, perfection, and exclusivity. You can add your own personality to that message by selecting a set of stunning Lexani luxury wheels transforming your ride into a uniquely personal brand. 
JAN 05, 2021

Lexani’s entire business model focuses on delivering the ultimate in innovative design, high-quality manufacturing, custom finish techniques, and durability. Lexani rims are commonly found on uncommon rides driven by exceptional people. 

In short, Lexani rims are the fastest way to take your ride, be it a hot hatch, luxury sedan, SUV or big honking pickup to the next level in class. Design, durability, and custom finishes promise to transform your ride from cool to absolutely awesome.

Forged or Cast, Lexani Wheels are the Go-To Rims for Performance Perfection

So, what makes Lexani wheels the first choice for so many kinds of awesome rides? It starts with Lexani’s commitment to manufacturing only the finest in luxury performance rims. There are no short cuts in materials used or manufacturing and finish processes. Toss in some of the finest designers and engineers in the industry and you get wheels that are not only eye-grabbing but provide the performance you want.

Fitment is a priority. Lexani creates wheels that can accommodate extreme offsets, oversized calipers and customized suspension installations making them ideal for low-rider racers and off-road adventure machines alike. Likewise, the price point is important as well. With rims running $250 to $4,000 a wheel they are not inexpensive, but they are extremely competitive for their class.

If you want to take your vehicle to the next level, you may want to consider one of these:

Lexani Wheels: Cyclone with a GLOSS BLACK/MACHINED TIPS Finish

Lexani Cyclone Wheels

This series of cast, single-piece wheels made of a strong but light aluminum alloy has an eight-spoke design that invokes movement and depth. Custom color finishes can provide your ride with a unique identity. Available in a wide range of sizes, each wheel comes with a one-year warranty.

Lexani Wheels: R-Four with a Chrome finish

R-Four Chrome Wheel

​​​​​​​Part of Lexani’s Concave Series, the R-Four Chrome is an eye-blinding addition to your daily commuter or show ride. Trust us, these rims are going to get a lot of attention. Featuring inverted spokes, the eye is drawn to the center cap. Every piece of this wheel is finished in gleaming chrome. Forged aluminum construction provides superior strength without adding excessive weight. Lexani provides a one-year warranty on defects and a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Lexani Wheels: Wraith with a Dark Chrome and Machine Tips Finish

Lexani Wraith Series

​​​​​​​Available in a wide range of sizes, bolt patterns and offsets, the Wraith line is popular with both luxury and performance ride owners. Cast one-piece alloy construction provides lightweight strength while a 22 spoke design provides a truly unique appearance both in motion and at rest. 

Lexani Wheels: M-753 with a Custom Gloss Black with Red Tips Finish

Forged Monobloc Wheels (Lexani Forged)

​​​​​​​The M Series have one thing in common, they are all forged from aerospace-quality 6065-T9 aluminum. This heat-treated material provides the ultimate in rim strength and precise CNC machining ensures maximum performance with minimum weight. Available in a range of sizes and fitments, these monobloc wheels feature multiple, classic spoke designs that are sure to make an impression. The M Series is available in an astonishing number of high-end finishes from chrome to a dazzling array of colors and machined accents. Not surprisingly, these forged wheels have a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

There are literally dozens of additional cast and forged Lexani rims in a wide range of sizes, fitments, and designs. Take a moment to browse the inventory to find the style that best fits your ride.