Niche Wheels – From Off-Road to Concourse Niche has You Covered

Cadillac Escalade on 24x10 Niche Vice M231 wheels in a Gloss Black Finish
Thinking of adding Niche Wheels to your ride? Continue reading for our take on the popular luxury forged wheel brand.
MAY 12, 2021

Niche Wheels, manufactured by wheel making giant MHT, makes a wheel for every occasion. Whether you want to spruce up the Honda Accord, or give the Mercedes AMG GT R that unique appearance that says you own it, or you need a hot wheel that can take on the gravel and rock of the trail for your Wrangler, Niche has a wheel for you. And not just any wheel.
Niche does not make bland; one size fits all wheels.

If you need a new set of sophisticated customized rims for your luxury ride, Niche Forged Road Wheels can bring your exotic design ideas to reality. Superb craftsmanship, a stunning selection of finishes and of course the optimal strength of forged aluminum can dramatically change the appearance of your vehicle and make it uniquely yours.

Probably best known for its durable and expertly crafted cast wheels, Niche has a rim for nearly every type of vehicle and brings a new sense of excitement to ho-hum family rides, high performance and muscle cars and SUVs and light trucks. Single, two-, and three-piece wheels deliver everything from the iconic to the futuristic look and they do it in a wide range of sizes and fitments. 

Best of the Bunch

When you have a customer list as diverse as Niche’s with performance, off-road, SUV and luxury enthusiasts, the term “best” becomes subjective. Different strokes for different folks. So instead of the “best” we would like to share popular models to give you an idea of what you can expect from Niche Wheels.

VICE – Niche Sport Line

This monobloc cast wheel is the most talked about rim in the Niche Sport line. It is a high-end racing wheel that provides an aggressive look and outstanding performance. With spokes extending from the center hub to the edge of the lip, the VICE design offers extreme concavity, staggered fitments and plenty of room for oversized brake calipers.

MAJORCA – Niche Forged Wheels

As it turns out, it’s impossible to have a “most popular” when all the wheels are 100% custom so we are just using the MAJORCA profile as an example. Made of ultra-light, ultra-strong, forged 6061-T1 aluminum, Niche forged rims are available in single-piece, two-piece, or three-piece designs, welded or bolted and in a wide choice of sizes ranging from 14” – 26” diameters and 6” – 17” widths. All fitment is custom manufactured to your specifications. And then there’s the finishes. Solid tones, multi color, tinted transparent powders and masterfully polished or brushed metal, The choice of finish is limitless.

ELAN – Niche SUV and Light Truck Line

Like Niche says “go from hauler to baller” with bigger badder rims on your SUV or pickup. The ELAN features clean styling and innovative engineering. Six classic split spokes run from a six-bolt hub to the rim’s lip. Available in 20”, 22” and 24” diameters, these wheels are designed for heavier loads and have a load rating of 3,900 lbs. Available in a range of finishes (gloss black is a favorite) these rims will make your ride stand out.

There are dozens of models in each of Niche’s lines for you to review. They are all classics and thousands of enthusiasts just like you are happily tooling around with a set of Niche rims mounted on their ride. But it doesn’t end there. Niche is always innovating and has a great selection of updated and new models for 2021!

Tesla Model S on Niche Surge wheels in a Brushed Finish

Porsche Panamera on Niche Anzio wheels in Gloss Black and Brushed

New Ideas and New Rims for Niche Wheels in 2021

If you are looking for a light weight, super performer, check out the new SURGE forged wheel from Niche. Awesome gloss black with brushed trans copper accents will juice up the appearance for any ride you mount them on from a Porsche to a Raptor. If you drive one of those RAM Laramie Longhorn special editions that is more comfortable and better upholstered than your living room, you will want to have a look at the 2021 ELAN M096 for SUVs and light trucks. This cast wheel is available in over 15 different finishes from gloss black, to rose gold to gloss candy red which guarantee to make your set uniquely yours. Rounding out our favorites for 2021 is the futuristic looking ANZIO M259 with reverse arrowhead styling. A cast rim, the ANZIO is available in 17” to 24” diameters and a wide range of fitments and is an ideal pick for performance oriented vehicles.

One last word on Niche regarding its price point. Niche wheels are not inexpensive, no quality rim is. If you are looking for a cheap pretender you need to look elsewhere. But compared to other professionally manufactured, high-quality wheels, Niche easily falls within the “affordable” category and we think represents an excellent value.

The biggest challenge you are going to have acquiring a set is deciding on one from the dozens available and then puzzling over which of the infinite finish combinations is right for you.