Performance Mufflers for 2020

Get You More Out of Your Truck or Car
OCT 16, 2020

With a few exceptions, most car and truck manufacturers leave plenty of room for improvement when it comes to engine performance. Performance enthusiasts have turned to the aftermarket for a variety of performance improving products ranging from the simple like cold air intakes to the complex such as turbochargers or superchargers. However, there is one performance enhancing component that is often overlooked, performance mufflers.

Performance Mufflers for both truck and cars serve to vent air and spent fuel out of the combustion system. The faster these gases can be removed, the faster the combustion chamber is ready for another combustion event. In other words, the faster the gas can be evacuated, the quicker the engine can get to a higher RPM. Stock exhaust systems are typically designed with production costs front of mind. That means most use pipes that are not large enough to provide optimal exhaust function, and they are built out of mild steel which Is subject to corrosion. Fortunately, there are several high-quality aftermarket companies that provide carefully engineered and manufactured performance exhaust systems that can free up your engine to be all it can be.

And Then There’s the Cool Factor

Okay, so careful engineering can solve the physics involved with optimizing engine exhaust, but the reason many enthusiasts explore performance mufflers in the first place is they want the coolest exhaust tone on the block. The truth is, while some systems give off a threatening burbling sound at a stop light, most aftermarket performance mufflers sound pretty much like OEM systems when the engine is idling. But when you crush the pedal, quality systems give you that low grumbling tone that rises in volume as the RPMs go up. 

One advantage OEM systems have over some aftermarket exhaust systems also deals with sound. Specifically drone. Drone occurs when the exhaust pipes emit the same frequency as the engine creating an annoying droning sound that can drive you crazy. OEM systems are carefully designed to ensure there is no drone. Some aftermarket manufacturers (and we list them below) also ensure that drone is not an issue with their products. If you want a boost in performance and an awesome sound coming out of your exhaust, check out what these guys have to offer:

Performance Mufflers: BORLA® Performance Exhaust Systems

If you are serious about getting the most out of your performance mufflers then you need to turn to the pros at BORLA®. They have assembled the best engineering and manufacturing talent in the industry and it shows in their products. BORLA® uses high strength, durable, aircraft-quality T-304 stainless steel exclusively, They are a trusted name on the racing circuits and are constantly tweaking their components based on racing results and feedback from their many customers. Among their most popular, street legal performance mufflers products are:

Borla 140591 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System (#140591)

Cat-Back System

Introduced in 1978, the Cat-Back design placed the exhaust system entirely behind the catalytic converter to comply with federal emission requirements. Still popular, the Cat-Back does not invalidate the original warranty providing the catalytic converter(s) remain in the OEM position.

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Universal Resonator

If you are running oversized pipes you are making a lot of noise but you are also losing engine performance. Try a BORLA® universal resonator to bring those pipes back into line. Built with stainless steel and packed with high-temperature continuous-filament fiber (CFF) acoustic material for sound control your ride will stop being a noise maker and start being a growling high performance vehicle.

Performance Mufflers: MagnaFlow

Another leader in the performance exhaust business, MagnaFlow offers up everything associated with exhaust systems. Designed for power and engineered for sound, MagnaFlow products are the result of extensive research, first-rate manufacturing processes, top quality materials and an award-winning customer service. MagnaFlow has products for every car or truck but where they really shine is their custom performance systems.

You name it, car, pickup, or SUV and MagnaFlow has a custom system featuring no drone technology and adjustable sound levels for it. Take your pick of street ready or competitive designs. Great products for Camaros, Mustangs, Gladiators, F-150s and so many more. All constructed with stainless steel for high-performance and durability. Be sure to check out MagnaFlow before you make an exhaust system decision.

MagnaFlow 4" X 9" Oval Center/Offset Straight Through Performance Muffler (#11225)
MagnaFlow 3.5" Round Center/Center Glasspack Performance Muffler (#18125)

Performance Mufflers: FlowMaster

FlowMaster is an affordable manufacturer of quality performance mufflers. They do not believe in one size fits all and as a result market five different exhaust “families.” They have one of the largest inventories for a wide range of cars and trucks and should be a must visit resource if you have an older or project ride. 

It’s important to note, FlowMaster sees older vehicles, particularly trucks, as an important part of their market. For example, in 2020 they announced:

  • 1999 -04 Grand Cherokee FlowFX Ca-back exhaust
  • 1999 – 07 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra FlowFX Cat-back
  • 1967 – 1972 Chevy C10 pickup crossmember-back exhaust system

If you have a need for a hard to find part, check out FlowMaster.


Performance Mufflers: BD Diesel

Own a diesel truck? If you have a diesel and you want to get more out of it you need to checkout BD Diesel, home to all things involving diesel performance. Ironically, BD Diesel is probably best known for their exhaust brakes. Heavy duty trucks hauling big loads that are not equipped with computerized grade-braking systems go through a lot of brakes. BD Diesel has a system that actually creates back pressure slowing the engine when the accelerator is let up. Works as a great secondary braking system and saves a ton on brake jobs. Beyond that, everything diesel from manifolds to turbos can be had at BD Diesel.