The 7 Best ATV/UTV Tires

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All Terrain Vehicles ATV tires might not be needed if you don’t go on rugged terrains. Nonetheless, the best ATV tires offer great fortification to off-road drivers. It was built to be sturdy because most off-roaders play on the rugged terrain. ATVs are built to travel distances that ordinary cars and SUVs cannot go. Regardless, these ATVs can only perform optimally if you have the best ATV tires for trail and mud. Therefore, off-road lovers who wish to drive on steep, rough, and uneven roads need to buy quality ATV/UTV tires. 

We have meticulously gone through the available ATV tires on the market and here are the best 7 ATV tires.

Here are our top picks:
MAR 13, 2018
Wanda 9350

1. Wanda P350

Wanda is a leading tire producer, and this particular P350 ATV ranks among the best of their tires. It is one of the best all-around ATV tires that deliver incredible ATV performance, and it is usually packed in fours. The durable tires sport additional shoulder extension to shield the rim adequately. Wanda P350 is designed using high-end polymer material that can significantly withstand both bruises and pressures. More so, the Wanda P350 is easy to fix on ATVs. It gives remarkable stability to vehicles, regardless of the terrain or topography.


  • High off-road traction
  • Balanced bite and smooth navigation when bending
  • Performs well in the wood
  • Bump-less ride guaranteed
GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire

2. GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire

Here comes yet another elegant-looking ATV tire that is adaptable to off-road cars as well as ATVs. It gives the ideal stability regulation and power to work on different terrains for a long time. It isn’t costly and yet sports an incredible build. 

GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire ranks among one of the best ATV tires the durable all-season tire ideal for use on any road terrain. The rugged V tread impression is made for greater traction and friction, accounting for better handling qualities. 


  • Rugged build that is long-lasting
  • A unique tread pattern that affords mud self-cleaning
  • Puncture-resistant 
Carlisle Knobby

3. Carlisle Knobby

Carlisle Knobby is another one of the best ATV tires for top trail and mud performance. This tire enables the ATV to wade through rough and uneven like marshes and sandy surfaces effortlessly. It gives ATV riders superb ride, different off-road grounds because of its high stability and balance. It has a relatively higher aspect ratio owing to a serrated tread pattern that offers smooth navigation on rocky, marshy, and other delicate surfaces. As such, off-road enthusiasts feel a fantastic control and optimized stability even at significant velocities.


  • Can navigate sand, mud, rock and other delicate surfaces
  • Enhanced stability
  • Adaptable to off-road and on-road driving
  • Knobby tread gives an impressive bold look
  • Greater control at high velocities
Goodyear Tracker Mud Runner Run-Flat Front ATV Tire

4. Goodyear Tracker Mud Runner Run-Flat Front ATV Tire 

If you have long been looking for the best ATV mud tires, check out the Goodyear Tracker Mud Runner Run-Flat Front ATV Tires. These tires can travel some distances, even without any inflation at all. Besides, the Mud-Runner Run tires give a blend of incredible traction, and high-end durability is owing to its deep treading and lugs that cuts through the thickest mud. The Goodyear Tracker Mud Runner Run-Flat Front ATV Tire works well at home and off-road situations.

Because it is made from computer-aided tread pattern that prevents the tire from clogging as the slotted lugs offer it greater friction that prevents redundancy.


  • Flexible and adaptable to almost any ATV wheels
  • The maintenance is easy
  • Gives a convenient and pleasurable ride even with just a little inflammation
  • Great traction in wet, marshy road surfaces
Kenda K284 

5. Kenda K284

Are you are looking for the best all-around ATV tires from top tire makers with a high level of loyalty from users? Kenda K284 is one of the best options for you. This tire offers high value for the money as it sports unique tread pattern for the front and back tires. Besides, this tire is long-lasting even with increasing use, when compared to other contemporary ATV tires. Therefore, it has become the tire of choice for most ATV enthusiasts.

Its knob is highly fortified for more significant and reliable tracking as well as navigating bends. As such, you achieve stability yet bump-less rude even on rugged off-roads. 


  • Gives dependable grip
  • It fits on 3 to 4 tires
  • Balance for exact bend navigation
  • Long-lasting that offers high utility value
  • Adaptable for high performance on rugged terrains
Carlisle HD Field Trax

6. Carlisle HD Field Trax

If what you seek is the best ATV tires for off-road surfaces, here is the HD Field Trax made by Carlisle. These tires offer enough road traction and stability to propel the vehicle through very muddy, rocky or slippery surfaces. What’s more, they offer comfortable riding through rocky, hilly, and slippery road surfaces as it is built to provide seamless navigation.


  • Adaptable design for a smooth ride on rugged surfaces
  • Sufficient traction for achieving balance
  • Suitable for marshy, snowy and rocky terrains
  • Enhanced control and smooth corner navigation
Maxxis M917 Bighorn Tire

7. Maxxis M917 Bighorn Tire

Maxxis M917 Bighorn Tire is arguably one of the best ATV tires for trail and mud that dominates the market recently. It sports additional lugs on the shoulder to give both sidewall and rim shield. Its round builds unique to Maxxis gives bump-less cruise and enhanced traction. This tire is ideal for muddy, rocky, and sandy surfaces. Weighing about 20 pounds, the treading and wide footprint gives high traction and comes with large shoulder lugs that shield the sidewalls to provide maximum satisfaction while riding.


  • It is versatile enough to be used in muddy, hilly and other tricky terrains
  • High stability across different terrains

Best ATV Tires Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy the best ATV tires, there are some things to look into before purchasing. The most important factors include the size of the wheel, the price, and durability. Additionally, it is imperative that you know the terrain type you will be cruising through.

Let’s consider these points in greater detail:

1. The Terrain of the Land

Have you considered the evenness of the surface? It is advisable that you buy adaptable and extreme mud ATV tires as they are within your budget. Moreover, some tires give an incredible performance when compared to all-purpose tires. It behooves you to select the tire that can handle the terrain you intend to go through. Be it sandy, rocky, muddy, or snowy surfaces; there is undoubtedly a tire for each terrain. 

2. Manufacturing Company

When seeking to buy the best all-around ATV tires, it is necessary that you buy from trusted manufacturers who have a reasonable and satisfactory customer relation. This is because some companies that give lifetime warranties ensure their products are of high-quality. Moreover, you need to consider post-purchase services such as fixing and ease of getting the spare parts. 

3. Durability

Irrespective of the fact that you care for the best ATV tires, it is illogical to think that you will keep spending on them daily, as such, before buying your ATV tires, look carefully into the durability of the tire and ensure they are the type that lasts for a long time. They should be tough and resistant to harsh weather elements.

4. The Shape of the Tire

Most probably, your ATV has been designed to use round-shaped tire. Extreme ATV mud tires offer high traction and form grip on wet and other slippery grounds conveniently. They also negotiate bends very well and offer a more convenient and more leisurely ride. Most times, flat ATV tires are for sports ATV as they do well on hard to medium terrains and provide better sidewall balance.

Before buying any tire, look at your ATV carefully as well as the kind of ride you desire, you can then determine the ideal shape of the tire you’ll need.

Bottom Line

All Terrain Vehicles are known for their abilities to take on rough road surfaces and terrains such as rocky, snowy, sandy and muddy ones. However, how well they perform on these road surfaces highly depend on the type of ATV tire they are fitted with. In this article, we have gathered the top 7 best ATV tires that combines high performance with excellent traction and stability. We hope reading through will help you.