Thor et-one Review

Thor ET-One (Thor Trucks)
Just as Pepsi Co. announced they had placed an order for 100 Tesla Semi Trucks, an LA-based startup unveiled their Tesla challenger. Thor Trucks, of North Hollywood, plan to bring the Thor ET-One to market before the Tesla Semi is delivered in 2019. Thors’ all-electric class 8 semi truck has a 100-mile range, as opposed to the more expensive Tesla Semi that can cover 500 miles on one charge. They are also working on a 300-mile range truck that will set you back an additional $100,000. Charge times are expected to be around 90 minutes.
DEC 10, 2018
Thor ET-One (Thor Trucks)

Thor ET-One Background

Founded by two 25-year-olds, the company raided parts bins to build a working prototype, with a modified frame from a Navistar truck, heavy-duty Dana axles and a TM4 electric motor from Hydro Quebec. They feel that using existing and proven components will give potential customers more confidence. The cab design is equally as radical as the Tesla Semi and resembles a medieval knights helmet. The Thor name and aggressive styling was intended by the company to “exude the power that EVs can provide”.

Thor ET-One (Thor Trucks)

Thor ET-One Conception

The team plans to focus on battery pack technology and establishing themselves as authority figures, enabling them to offer conversion kits for existing fossil-fueled trucks. Operators can expect to save 60% on maintenance costs per mile and 70% on fuel costs, all with zero emissions. Thor Trucks engineering team have backgrounds in trucking, with members from truck maker Navistar, and electric vehicle technology producers Faraday Future and Byd.

Thor ET-One (Thor Trucks)

Thor ET-One Testing

From their LA workshop, they plan to set-up a low volume production line and are researching other truck models that are well suited to electrifying. Garbage trucks and delivery vehicles seem the most likely to benefit from EV conversion.

The companies test driver says that he was shocked by the "off the line performance and towing ability". Thor ET One has a more conventional seating layout too when compared with the Tesla, which one truck driver when commenting on the Tesla’s central seat, said that it would be difficult for reversing and maneuvering where the driver will often stick their head out of the window.

Thor will have to compete with offerings from Tesla Inc., Cummins Trucks division, Daimler trucks, Bosch and motoring giants Toyota Motor Corp. Time will tell if this streamlined company will take the fight to the big players, but we wish them all the best.