Top 10 Luxury Forged Wheels

Mercedes AMG GTR on ADV.1 ADV05 Track Speck Advanced Series wheels
The fastest way to give your ride, be it a hot hatch Hyundai Veloster N or a Mercedes Benz AMG SL, a unique identity is to mount a set of stunning luxury wheels. These incredible, custom designs not only enhance the vehicle’s appearance, but it says a great deal about the owner as well. Selecting the right luxury wheels can be challenging given the cornucopia of manufacturers and designs. But you can cut down the choices if you decide you want the strongest, most durable and most finely defined design details by limiting your search to forged luxury wheels.
NOV 23, 2020

Why forged? Forged wheels start out as a single piece of metal called a billet. Because mono-block billets are not heated to liquification and poured into a mold like cast wheels, they retain their grain refinement meaning they retain their innate strength. Forged wheels are shaped by pressure, heat and incredibly versatile CNC milling machines capable of the most intricate designs with tolerances as tight as 15 microns. 

Put another way, forged wheels are the result of manufacturing by subtraction. The wheel, complete with concave design, spokes, bolt pattern and all the rest, exists inside that solid metal billet. All you have to do is remove all the stuff that isn’t the wheel. And that’s what CNC machines do. Forged wheels are not cheap, but then perfection rarely is.

Who makes them? Here is a list of the top 10 luxury forged wheels who have been mounted on Lamborghinis, Corvettes, Ferraris, Escalades, F-150 Raptors and every other hot luxury ride.

Here are the Top 10 Luxury Forged Wheels: 

Lamborghini Aventador on Lexani LZ-773 Centerlock Black Finish (Photo Credits: Ekko Media)


This award-winning California based shop focuses on understated sophistication and elegance. A simple single piece forged five spoke design in matte black and gold trim finish adds a significant look of luxury and exclusivity to the likes of Rolls Royce, Bentley and other ultra-high-end sedans and coupes. Lexani has an extensive line of forged wheels in a variety of diameters and bolt patterns. These rims run $1,100 to $6,000 per set.

Jeep Wrangler on Forgiato Basamento wheels (Photo Credits: Earl's Tire West)

Forgiato Custom Forged Wheels

So, if you don’t drive a Bentley but you do have a custom build Wrangler Unlimited with a 6 inch lift and big honking 35 inch rubber, you might want to consider a set of Forgiato Basamento wheels. It does require a little extra work on your part. These are custom rims and Forgiato wants your input on the amount of concavity or convexity as well as the finish color. It will also require more cash. This particular Forgiato line (and it is not the cheapest) goes for about $18,400.

Rolls Royce Ghost on Savini SV41c Xtreme Concave Black Red

Savini Forged Wheels

The Italians are not letting their curvy, sexy sport cars and supercars ride on less than sexiest forged wheels and that means they have the Savini line mounted on the ride. Known for their aggressive designs and stylish angles, Savini uses T6 aerospace aluminum in the forging for surprisingly lightweight and strong performance wheels. And if you have the $16,000 to buy a set, they will even allow you to select the paint application.

Rolls Royce Ghost on Artis Decatur wheels in Gold finish

Artis Forged Line

If you are looking for outrageous, eye-grabbing, exotic wheel designs that might double as modern art, then you have to see what the Los Angeles based wheel makers at Artis have to offer. The Artis Forged line is not for the shy. The over-the-top designs finished in custom gold or one of the other unique colors are going to draw a crowd, that's why it's on our list of the top 10 luxury forged wheels.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ with HRE S111SC in Frozen Polished Clear

HRE Wheels

Next on our list of the top 10 luxury forged wheels, is HRE Wheels. They take forged wheels to a new level with 2 and 3-piece wheels. Using the patented HRE forged barrel and incredible insert designs. This mix drastically reduces weight without sacrificing strength and performance. Beautiful to look at, you can put these rims through their paces with confidence.

Custom Camaro on Rucci Da Corsa in a custom finish  (Photo Credits)

Rucci Multi-Piece Forged Wheels

You want over-the-top? You want wheels for a ’64 Mustang or a 2021 Cadillac Escalade? You want to be seriously noticed? Rucci based in East L.A. puts together some of the most amazing designs 2 and 3 piece forged wheels for nearly any car or truck built. With names like Glock, Moolah, Clout and Sizer, these aerospace aluminum wheels are truly custom with over 150 possible finishes. Available in size 18” to 34” these wheels are custom made for your ride.

Mercedes AMG GTR on ADV.1 ADV05 Track Speck Advanced Series wheels

ADV.1 Custom Forged Wheels

If you want the lightest, strongest, aggressively designed custom forged wheels you want ADV.1. Ideal for high performance vehicles and available in 18” to 24” diameters and widths of 8.5” to 13.5”, the ADV.1 lines set the standard in precision, testing, and customization. You can expect to see these rims on the likes of BMW 8 Series, Mercedes CLS 53 AMG, Chevrolet Corvette C& Z06 and the like.

BMW on BBS Performance wheels FI-R in Platinum Silver

BBS Performance Wheels

Most wheels, forged or cast, are made from an aluminum alloy using nickel. The less nickel the lighter the wheel but the more vulnerable it is to getting a dent when hitting a pothole. The more nickel, the heavier the wheel and the more stable feeling. However, nickel doesn’t dent, it cracks. Dents can be repaired, cracked rims cannot. BBS has done the impossible and has formulate a wheel that is lightweight, dent resistant, and hot looking. It is incredibly durable. BBS works hand-in-glove with BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz creating their OEM rims. If you want the most rugged wheel on the market, you want BBS.

Chevrolet Corvette C8 on Rohana RFG13 wheels in Brushed Titanium monoblock

Rohana Forged Wheels

Established over 20 years ago as a wheel company for performance enthusiasts, Rohana has recently added a line of single and two-piece forged wheels to provide even greater strength and design options. Most commonly found on performance rides like Nissan GTR, Chevy Camaro and Toyota Supra, Rohana has become an affordable source of solid performance wheels with incredible designs, easily adding to our list of the top 10 luxury forged wheels.

McLaren 620R on Novitec x Vossen series MC3 wheels in a Gloss Black Finish

Vossen Wheels

How much are forged wheels really worth? It all depends on your point of view. Vossen, Godfather of the forged wheel industry whose customer list numbers in the millions, rolled out a super forged wheel and sent 20 sets out to dealers without pricing info. One dealer advertised these amazing VLE-1 wheels for $40,000 per set. It’s uncertain if any were actually sold at that price but you can buy a set from Vossen today for $10,400. It’s all about perspective.