Top 10 Off-Road Wheels

RBP 71R Avenger (Rolling Big Power)
If you drive an off-road SUV or truck, you will undoubtedly want to know what are the top 10 off-road wheels. The best wheels for this type of driving are designed with the best materials in order to handle any sort of punishment off-roading throws your way. They feature thicker welds and fitments made to maximize clearance. So, the quest has always been for wheels that will not give you any issues when you're going off-roading. You need wheels that come with the required durability and strength for your off-road adventures.
FEB 18, 2019

Whether you are going for a lightweight wheel that glides on the pavement or the more solid heavy-duty wheels that can withstand more pressure, it is better if you know the wheel that can go well with your off-road vehicle.

Here is our list of the top 10 best off-road wheels:

Series 52 Rock Crawler - Flat Black Steel Wheel 

1. Pro Comp Steel Wheels Series 52  

This wheel is one of the top 10 off-road wheels currently available on the market. It is made of durable steel for added strength and fortified welds for better resilience and solid build, making it the ideal option for you. If you love off-road and care for a rim that isn’t expensive as the high-end alloys, the Pro Comp Steel Wheels Series 52 (Flat Black Finish) is a wheel you should consider. 

51 Series District - Gloss Black/Machined 

2. Pro Comp Steel Wheels Series 51 

If you are looking for off-road wheels that feature standard sizing and rear spacing that completely satisfies your need as an off-road vehicle user, then you might want to check out Pro Comp Steel Wheels Series 51. It ranks as one of the best off-road wheels that are as heavy as 28 pounds, whose rim is fabricated as a single unit. The total width of the rim is 8 inches, and it can support the ruggedness required of off-roader vehicles with the 35.7” backspace that it features.

Pro Comp Alloys Series 36 Helldorado - Flat Black

3. Pro Comp Alloys Series 36 Helldorado 

If you have been looking for the top 10 off-road wheels with incredible performance, then check out the Pro Comp Alloys Series 36 Helldorado. It is a specially designed wheel that employs low-weight fabricating technology that assists in lessening total weight while giving superior strength and classiness. It is one of the versatile best off-road wheels that are adaptable to SUVs, trucks, jeeps and it weighs about 10 lbs. It is fastened with six bolts and has a 5-inch backspace. You will enjoy the long-lasting feature it offers.

Dick Cepek DC-2 Gloss Black Wheel 

4. Dick Cepek DC-2 Black Wheel 

The Dick Cepek DC-2 Black Wheel is yet another one of the top 10 off-road wheels that can withstand heavy load, and its exterior is finished with sleek black paint. Made by a renowned brand in wheels, the Dick Cepek DC-2 Black is notable for top-quality and resilience when used off-road. This wheel features a rim that as heavy as 24.9 pounds and it is made of cast iron with fine impressions made with five bolt design. It also has a wheel backspace of 3.6”. This wheel is made of reinforced aluminum for maximum efficiency on vehicles.

Mickey Thompson Classic Baja Lock (Matte Black) 

5. Mickey Thompson Classic Baja Lock (Matte Black) 

Another worthy mention on this list is the Micheal Thompson Classic Baja Lock. It is one of the top 10 off-road wheels on the market currently. This wheel features a two-stage paint with a matte black protective finish, high-range load ratings, and a machine stimulated beadlock with the Mickey Thomson Logo. The classic Baja is popular for its durability when used off-road as well as its quality build. It weighs 17.8 pounds, and its size is 17.5 x 10.3 inches. Cast as a one piece, this model has a rim diameter of 1.5 inches. The width is eight inches and it has a six bolt pattern. The bore diameter is 4.18 inches, with a backspace of the wheel of 3.625 inches.

Dick Cepek Torque Flat Black Wheel

6. Dick Cepek Torque Flat Black Wheel  

The Dick Cepek Torque Flat Black Wheel is truly one of the top 10 off-road wheels that work excellent on rugged terrains and in all conditions. It has a high offset which makes it suitable for the latest brands of vehicles around. It features mechanical external lips perform well both on-road and off-road. Weighing about 24 lbs, the rim of this wheel is a single piece build, and it features used eight bolt style on the wheel. The Dick Cepek is no doubt one of the best off-road wheels whose backspace is 4.5” and very long-lasting.

RBP 71R Avenger in Full Black 

7. Rolling Big Power 71R Avenger 

The Rolling Big Power 71R Avenger wheel is the epitome of rugged off-road style. RBP Wheels are made from the highest quality aluminum alloy that can take on any landscape like a monster truck driver. These machined black inserts create a distinct appearance upgrade. Additionally, RBP adheres to the most advanced standards for design and quality to computer measure for bolt-patterns and size.

Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel

8. Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel  

Here comes the Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel, another one of the top 10 off-road wheels that are black in color with an impressive performance. Its rim is built with Pro Comp's minimum-pressure casting technique and gives extraordinary result and wheel power for off-road lovers. This model gives room for big brake clearance that comes with most newer trucks and SUVs. It is one of the best off-road wheels that use a five bolt style, and the backspace is 8”.

Black Rhino Hard Alloys Alpine Gloss Black W/Milled Spokes

9. Black Rhino Hard Alloys Alpine 

One of the best off-road wheels is the Black Rhino Alpine wheel that is a no-nonsense, serious off-road wheel for the aftermarket truck enthusiast. It features bold rectangles painted Gloss Black to present a braun and brassy statement. It also features a deep step lip designed precisely around some of the truck markets’ biggest brakes to guarantee fitment. Finishing off the wheel is a tough simulated beadlock with silver hex bolts and functional drain holes to prevent water and dirt from being trapped in the wheel. It is built with the valve stem guarded within the beadlock to add to the form and function of the wheel.

Pro Comp Alloys Series 35 Predator in Satin Black

10. Pro Comp Alloys Series 35 Predator 

This is the very last wheel on our list of the top 10 off-road wheels on the market today. It is made utilizing the Pro Comp's minimum-pressure casting mechanism. This serves to increase the total strength and reduce weight even while enhancing the style of the wheel. Pro Comp Alloys Series 35 Predator weighs 31.2 pounds and is wired to perform optimally on new jeeps, SUVs, and trucks. It is in the league of the best off-road wheels that has a bolt style of 6 and a bore radius of 54 millimeters. It is cast to give a lightweight and work through just about any terrain type

Top 10 Off-Road Wheels – Buyer’s Guide

What are Off-Road Wheels?

If you drive a sporty truck or own an SUV, you will agree that fun starts when you go off-road. However, you need to buy top off-road wheels with proper offset and backspace.

Fixing the ideal tire and wheel mix is essential, and it is important that the most appropriate off-road wheel is selected. Be it that you are looking for not-so-heavy wheels that gives excellent luster or seeking a heavy one that can travel off-road, it is crucial to understand the exact off-road wheel that best fits your specifications.

Features to Consider When Buying Top 10 Off-Road Wheels

Load Rating

Another critical factor is the load rating of the tire, as well as that of the wheel. The load rating is a function of the wheel and the bolt pattern. Cast aluminum wheels are often rated at higher loads than steel wheels. However, forged wheels have the most top-load rating. It does not matter the type of construction, a wheel with more lug nuts a larger bolt circle, for instance, 8-on-6 ½ instead of 5-on-4 ½) will offer a higher load rating due to the distribution of the load. 


The offset is the wheel’s mounting surface or the centerline of the wheel. So, positive offset enables the mounting surface closer which results in narrower track width. However, negative-offset wheels give the opposite result.


Backspacing is almost the same as an offset. However, backspacing is dependent on the diameter of the wheel. It is the distance between from the mounting surface to the inside of the wheel. Deep backspacing is equal to positive offset, while shallow backspacing equals negative offset.

Bead Seat

By adding a mechanical clamp with bolts, the bead lock wheels make it impossible for the tire to unseat even with zero air pressure. Making use of air pressure, the bead seat on the wheel keeps the tire bead seated. The level of low air pressure you can keep on without the tire coming off depends on how taller or broader the bead seat is.

Build Material of the Wheel

Off-road wheels could be made of either alloy or steel.

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels come in two types-cast or forged, based on how they are formed. A lot of them are manufactured using aluminum blended with other elements to make it last longer. Cast alloy wheel is produced from models of pre-existing ones and isn’t as expensive as forged alloys. They cannot travel off-road though, and they are not heavyweight. But they are great for everyday driving as they aid swift movement and bump-less rides than those made of steel. The downside is that alloy wheel is not strong enough, they can get damaged when used on off-road surfaces and are more difficult to repair than steel ones.

Steel Wheel

These types of wheels have large and solid frames that aren’t expensive to purchase. The heaviness and resilience of this wheel have endeared it to many off-road drivers as their choice wheel. Steel wheel usually delivers incredible recoil weight, and this is the pressure that the truck’s suspension springs cannot absorb. The pressure from components of your vehicle has a telling effect on its performance, and since it is a steel wheel that can carry such weight efficiently, it is worthy of consideration when buying wheels.

Bottom Line

Wheels are essential when it comes to how comfortable and smooth your ride along a road will be. And if you are the type that does off-road driving often, you will want to know which the top 10 off-road wheels are. Asides the offset, backspacing, build rating and load rating, other factors to consider are the center bore, the diameter of the wheels and the width.