Top 5 Loudest Exhaust Kits

10 21, 2022

When it comes to evaluating rides, we often talk about horsepower, torque, lateral grip, and zero to sixty times. But another metric can be just as important to the driver: how the ride sounds. Exhaust tone provides aural feedback. A mellow gurgle when idling turns into a throaty rumble as the ride accelerates and ends with a wild scream at wide-open throttle. Drivers like vehicles that talk to them, and some drivers like rides that talk really loud!

Loud exhaust systems are not a priority for car and truck manufacturers, and that's why so many enthusiasts turn to aftermarket exhaust kits to get the roar and tone that they want. It can be a tricky exercise. An exhaust system doesn't make the noise; the engine does. An exhaust system can alter engine noise and change how it sounds when it leaves the tips. The trick is finding a loud exhaust system that is compatible with your specific engine type that is engineered to optimize its incredibly loud natural noise and still manage to keep you street legal.

Of course, if you don't plan on using your ride on the street but exclusively on the track, straight pipes without mufflers or emission control will deliver the loudest tone and an increase in power. Straight pipes, as described above, are illegal in virtually every state for street use.

5 Loudest Exhaust Kits - Loud and Legal, Mostly

There is a cornucopia of companies selling "performance" exhaust systems; not surprisingly, some are better than others. Designing and engineering an effective exhaust system takes more than bending some pipes and attaching a minimalist muffler. There is a science behind it and, of course, an intimate understanding of engine specifications.

Then there is the question of quality and integrity. If you live anywhere where salt is used for deicing the roads in winter, then you already know OEM exhausts start to rust after three years, thanks to all the mild steel used in their construction. Before you plunk down bucks for a loud performance exhaust kit, you want to make certain that it is built with materials that will last and that the company you bought it from will stand behind its warranty.

Two companies, Magnaflow and Flowmaster by Holley, have demonstrated their engineering finesse, quality production processes, and ability to craft badass exhaust systems. That's why we picked five of their models as the best of the loud exhaust kits.

5. Magnaflow xMOD Series

This race-bred, stainless steel, modular system is designed for the likes of the Mustang GT, Dodge Challenger, F150 Raptor, Corvette, RAM 1500 TRX, and others. Performance is job one for this system, but you can also adjust power and sound. If you want the signature Magnaflow deep rumble, use the straight-through pipe with 5-inch core. Want it loud and wild? Swap out the muffler and install with a straight-pipe xMOD xTreme Delete (included in the kit). With superior construction and backed by a lifetime warranty, the xMOD series is the perfect exhaust for your high-performance ride.

4. Magnaflow NEO Series

If you have a newer performance car or truck, the NEQ Series was built for you. Stainless steel construction ensures your system will last the lifetime of the vehicle. New no-drone technology with passive noise cancellation (NDT) ensures a comfortable cabin experience. An aggressive sound means nothing without power. All NEO Series systems are engineered to optimize performance across the entire powerband.

3. Flowmaster Outlaw Exhaust System

Custom-engineered out of 16 gauge 409 heat-resistant stainless steel ensuring a perfect fit for your specific make, model, and year, the Outlaw exhaust systems are loud but legal in most jurisdictions. Offering axel-back or cat-back designs, you can expect the patented Flowmaster aggressive sound, improved throttle control, power, and mileage. All systems are equipped with chambered mufflers that shape the sound, minimize drone, and optimize volume.

2. Flowmaster American Thunder Series

The source of the original patented Flowmaster sound, American Thunder exhaust systems, is what you want if you want to get noticed. Available in axel-back, cat-back, and header-back designs of 16 gauge, Mandrell bent steel tubing, American Thunder uses chambered mufflers for optimal sound and performance. Not as loud as the Outlaw series, but American Thunder is still a solid performance exhaust with a very aggressive tone.

1. Flowmaster Super 10 Series Mufflers

Okay, this is a muffler, not an exhaust system, but it generates the closest thing to an open pipe sound that you are going to find. Flowmaster designed this muffler for track use and does not recommend it for the street. This compact single-chambered muffler is constructed of stainless steel and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. The Super 10 is an economical way to achieve ear-grabbing attention.

Before you decide on any of these ear-splitting systems, it is probably a good idea to check out your state (and local) laws and ordinances regarding loud exhaust. The Magnaflow units are generally considered street-legal, but the Flowmaster products tend to push the limits. Check out our inventory of Magnaflow and Flowmaster systems for the best prices. All kits include all the hardware you need for easy installation.