Top 5 Luxury Wheels in 2020

Range Rover Velar on 22x9 XO Luxury Phoenix mesh 22 inch black wheels 
There’s a reason why people go out of their way to glance at a luxury car. Luxury rides are unique. In a world filled with Ford F 150 pickups, Toyota Camry sedans, and Honda Civic hatchbacks, a Bentley makes a splash, a BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz S Class, garners stares, and a Lamborghini Veneno merits outright gawking and drooling.
AUG 17, 2020

Owners of these vehicles understand the value uniqueness brings to their ride and their own prestige. They also know that the fastest way to distinguish their vehicle from those of other upscale cars, is to add eye-catching luxury wheels and rims. There are literally thousands of wheels to choose from but only a few brands that can deliver the strength, design, craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality that merits classification as a luxury wheel.

We have put together the luxury wheel brands that are consistently chosen by entertainers, professional athletes, musicians, and business leaders to set their personal vehicles apart from the rest. So, if you are in the market for a $500 to $4500 per rim luxury accessory, we suggest you start by checking out these top 5 luxury wheels.

1. Top Luxury Wheels: Asanti

Relatively new to the wheel industry, Asanti has a 10-year record of producing amazing designs, incredible finishes, and an impeccable attention to detail. Customization is a key element in this market sector and Asanti’s trend setting finishes has earned it a loyal fan base of luxury vehicle owners. With wheels that can reach $4200 each, Asanti is one of the pricier rim crafters but their finishes are simply exceptional and qualify as automotive jewelry.

2. Top Luxury Wheels: Lexani

Based in Southern California, Lexani is one of the most prolific wheel manufacturers in the industry creating new designs almost continuously. With a large design and engineering center, Lexani has been able to employ some of the most creative designers, innovative engineers, and skilled craftsmen in the industry. While they have an impressive line of forged and cast luxury wheels, their specialty is turning a customer’s personal design ideas into reality while still maintaining strength, integrity, and quality of the rim. Lexani’s rims retail from $225 to $4000 but even the least expensive wheel is still a quality piece of workmanship.

3. Top Luxury Wheels: Savini Wheels

Style, engineering, and the best materials available are the hallmark for Savini rims and that is why they are considered the Gold Standard in the industry. Savini specializes in unique, customizable designs for customers who want to set their ride apart from others by sporting rims that have never been seen before. Custom design and finishes are important, but the basics of solid engineering, strength, and craftsmanship are present in every wheel the company produces. Pricing ranges from $326 to $3900. While the lower priced rims are limited to chrome or black finishes, all Savini wheels really pop when they are mounted on luxury rides.

4. Top Luxury Wheels: Vossen

Vossen is the global leader of the industry with over three decades of experience, sales in 36 countries, and satisfied customers that Vossen counts in the millions. The company’s innovations and manufacturing processes has allowed it to change the landscape of the luxury wheel market. Vossen places its emphasis on design and has recruited some of the most talented staff available in the world. The end product is always stunning, innovatively engineered, and aesthetically pleasing. 

5.Top Luxury Wheels: XO Luxury

Family owned XO Luxury is a Fort Lauderdale based wheel company who has been providing a niche market of exotic owners with rims that are as exciting and distinctive as the rides they are mounted on. Established in 1982 and still going strong, XO Luxury has a legacy of trend setting designs and innovation. All rims are rigorously tested for strength, craftsmanship, and finish. XO Luxury’s customers understand what makes their exotic stand out and that’s why they continuously seek out XO Luxury wheels.

So, there you have it, the top 5 Luxury Wheel brands you can find. It’s important to note though, that the idea of what a luxury car is has changed. Sedans and sport cars are no longer the only “luxury” rides. SUVs, even some trims of pickup trucks are so tricked out they meet that unique luxury standard. Bigger rides mean bigger diameter wheels and different fitments. These luxury brands realize that and several now offer the same high-quality rims to meet this new class of customer. In fact, Savini recently released a line of off-road rims. Whatever you drive, if you can afford it, these top 5 luxury wheels brands can add some serious pop to your ride.