Top Car Body Kits for Sport Cars

2015 Ford Mustang GT ROUSH Ford Mustang Body Kit
Are you looking to enhance the exterior of your sports car? Some car lovers believe that buying the best body kits are unnecessary and there is no point in spending their precious cash on aftermarket kits. However, car body kits are a great way to modify your vehicle to your dream car. Most best body kit manufacturers add factory-made body kits to make their sports vehicles unique from contemporaries. The relevance of body kits to a vehicle cannot be overemphasized.

MAR 14, 2019

Here are our picks for the top car body kits for Sport Cars: 

Car Body Kits: JMS Body Kit for Audi A5 B9 Coupe

Not all sports cars can use a specialized exterior kit with impressive quality design and still maintain modesty. However, the JMS Body Kit one of the best car body kit brands with front bumpers that blend perfectly with the lines of the lower parts of the vehicle.

It features the Racelook Exclusive Line Lip spoiler that fits the “S line” front apron of the Audi A5 B9 perfectly. Complemented by a JMS rear diffuser, which can accommodate up to four 90mm diameters exhaust pipes, this is a body kit that totally complements the Audi A5 B9.

This car body kit introduces some dynamism and improves the vehicle’s "roadworthiness". It also sports advanced Coilover suspension with sturdy wheels for off-road performances. It comes with a diffuser and features clean lines and four exhaust pipes.


  • Moderate design
  • Features a diffuser and high-quality exhaust pipes
  • The rear diffuser can accommodate four 90mm exhaust pipes
  • KW Coilover suspensions which lower the ride height

Car Body Kits: JMS Body Kit for BMW e46

JMS is here again with a unique body kit for the legendary BMW E46. It is one of the best body kit brands with front lips ideal for versions fixed with a facelift. It sports a back apron with ample space for bigger exhaust mechanisms and has the option of black aluminum color all with an impressive look.

This JMS BMW E46 is among the best body kits with a 4-pipe back buffer that offers the sound. This can, however, be optimized with an iron resonance tube.


  • It comes with 4-pipe back outlets
  • Sports unique black color
  • Made using high-quality aluminum metal for durability
JMS Body Kit for BMW e46
JMS Body Kit for BMW e46

Car Body Kits: Street Scene Body Kit for Ford Mustang

For most people, owning a vehicle is a thing of pride and status, which explains why many people look for ways to enhance the look of their cars with colorful body kits. Street Scene Equipment for Ford Mustang is in the league of the best body kits that are manufactured to perfection. It augments the exterior design of a vehicle with a touch of excellence.

With the Street Scene Equipment for Ford Mustang, you can now enhance your vehicle to a cynosure of all eyes. Beyond the look, this car kit will last long because it is built tough and rugged.


  • Stress-free installation process
  • Long-lasting build for established reliance
  • Specially molded parts for a tight fit
  • Relevant hardware included from the factory
  • Comes with a year warranty

Car Body Kits: Roush Performance Ford Mustang V6 RS Full Body Kit

Users have been grumbling for long about the absence of elegance in the external design of earlier 6-cylinder Ford Mustang. Constructed of a lightweight ABS and TPO plastic, these high-quality body components are heat and impact resistant. Designed with OEM CAD data, so fitment is precise and clean.

These previous versions were not as attractive as the later 8-cylinder models. However, this Roush Ford Mustang V6 Rs Full Body Kit is among the best body kit brands that will enhance the look of the earlier V6 version, and it comes at a pocket-friendly price.


  • Adds to the visual appeal of the car
  • Made using durable materials
  • Affordable
2015-2017 Mustang Roush Body Kits
2015-2017 Mustang Roush Body Kits

Car Body Kits: Chevy Camaro SS Full Body Kit - 5 Pieces

The Chevy Camaro SS Full Body Kit with 5 pieces is manufactured with high-quality Polyurethane and this new body kit features extreme sturdiness, fit, and visual appeal. Street Scene's body kit is supported by a limited warranty that covers normal cracking and fissures. All of the body kits are delivered ready for the last prep and its painting. It has heavy duty adhesive tape for smooth fixing on cars.


  • Ready for installation from the factory
  • Has door rockers
  • Uses heavy-duty adhesive tape and setting up is easy
Chevy Camaro SS 2016-2017 Full Body Kit - 5 Pieces
Chevy Camaro SS 2016-2017 Full Body Kit - 5 Pieces

Car Body Kits: JMS Audi A4 B9 Car Body Kits

The best body kit brands are the one with high performance and are trusted and tested over the years. Coming with a lot of upgrades, the JMS Audi A4- B9 body kit features a JMS Racelook front lip and a skirt with a synchronized diffuser. This highlights the sporty nature of the vehicle to perfection. It also features lightweight rims which improve the performance of the car.


  • Sports an integrated diffuser
  • Has very lightweight rims
  • Has three variants of Coilovers
  • High-end performance enhancement

Top Car Body Kits for Sports Cars - Buyer’s Guide

Knowing which Body Kit Brands are the best is one of the most important things when you want to customize your sports car. It is essential that you do your research on what each body kit features and how value can be influenced.

Whenever you are adding kits to personalize your car, it is essential to buy a body kit that will totally enhance the appearance of the vehicle. While Mist Body Kits are uniquely designed to make the car appear better, body kits not only enhance the overall appearance, but they can as well improve the performance as well.

Here are the things to consider before purchasing car body kits: 

Manufacturing Company

Before you buy a body kit for your sports car, it is essential that you consider the manufacturing company. Look at the type of build material they usually employ and what the warranty is on their body kits.

You should also keep in mind that if needed, fixing the kits will demand that you detach some components of your sports car before attaching the kit to it. If there will be the need to detach any factory-made component of your vehicle, then it is not advisable to invest in such body kit.


Another crucial factor to consider before dashing to the market for a body kit is how much you can afford to spend on purchasing kits for your car. There are two kinds of fiberglass. One is of superior quality, with resin fiberglass and manufactured in the States, while the other is brittle but less expensive. Nonetheless, the quality of the two differs, so the amount you could spend will differ.


Even though most body kits available are merely used to enhance the look of the sports car, there are some that can optimize its performance. For instance, when you intend to build an aerodynamic sports car, you will need to take into consideration the heaviness and the design of the kits for they may not be appropriate for your sports car. This is particularly important when you are transforming an ordinary vehicle into a high-performing sports car.


Car body kits, especially for sports cars, are essential especially when it comes to car competitions. Body kits like fenders, front bumpers, hood scopes, and hood are crucial because they enhance the vehicle’s performance and increase the engine’s efficiency.