Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

Ferrari 488 with HRE 505M in Polished Dark Clear (TAG Motorsports)
Wheels. A pretty simple concept, right? These are the things that keep your tires attached to your ride. That sounds straightforward and not all that complicated until you take a deeper dive into what’s really going on.
AUG 06, 2019

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road. That makes them an essential component. Anything that keeps those tires attached to the vehicle is also an essential component, particularly when you expect them to hold up to the rigors of a performance ride.

Your wheels transfer grip from the contact patches on your tire to your vehicle. Every time you accelerate, turn, or brake, forces are trying to twist and bend the wheels. Road challenges like potholes or even speed bumps aren’t making life any easier for your wheels.

Wheels are often one of the first upgrades owners make to increase vehicle performance. Wider wheels fit fatter tires, which increase grip and lower lap times. What you want is a wheel that is strong enough to take the lateral torque and resist the threat of dents or warping, but light enough that the competitive edge of performance tires is not lost. That’s often a tough wheel to find.

Top Aftermarket Performance Wheels

So, to help you out, iKnowauto has assembled the top 10 aftermarket performance wheels that not only look hot but stand up to the pressure of performance driving.

Enkei RP03 - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

Enkei RP03

First on our list of the top aftermarket performance wheels is from Enkei. This is a looker as well as a toughie. Sold as part of Enkei’s racing wheel line, the RP series wheels are built to take the stresses and heat of racetrack driving. The fact that they look sweet while doing it is just a bonus. The five-spoke design is simple but also a little deceptive. All five spokes reach all the way to the rim giving the illusion that the wheel is actually bigger than it is.

HRE Vintage Series 505M - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

HRE Vintage Series 505M

If you're into the vintage look, but you demand modern quality, then HRE has a slug of wheels to choose from that are inspired from the classics of the past. The 505M is perhaps the most recognizable of the line as it was originally stock for the Ferrari F40. It’s a retro look but it’s manufactured with state-of-the-art technology.

Konig Hypergram - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

Konig Hypergram

Next on our list of the top aftermarket performance wheels is from Konig. Konig uses a manufacturing process they call “free-forming” which gives their wheels an artistic look and a diamond tough backbone. They don’t look like your typical racing wheel and if you are interested in a unique appearance, these are the wheels for you. It also helps that the Hypergram line comes in several colors. 

American Racing Vector - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

American Racing Vector

Remember the ’69 Dodge Charger General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard? Next, to Daisy Duke, General Lee was probably the most memorable thing about that series and the General was wearing a set of wide, 10 spoke American Racing Vectors. If you’ve got old iron, these rims fit right in.

O.Z. Racing Ultraleggera - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

O.Z. Racing Ultraleggera

At the heart of it, a good racing wheel reduces unsprung weight, provides effective airflow channeling to cool the tire, and be strong enough to take the abuse a racetrack can dole out. Qz Racing has been doing that for some time. The Ultraleggera (Italian for ultralight) is the lightest and strongest wheel in their lineup.

American Racing Torq Thrust - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

American Racing Torq Thrust

If you’re more of a classic hotrod enthusiast, you’ve probably already seen this chunky five-spoke design on 60s Mustangs and classic Chevy rides from the 50s. They are hugely popular and come in many sizes and finishes.

BBS Super RS Brillant Silver Finish - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

BBS Super RS

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen look to BBS for their OEM wheels and have for years. But BBS also has an aftermarket line that is both beautiful and amazingly tough. Their process uses “counterpressure” casting which brings out the best of cast and pressure forged alloy. Strong, handsome, and unbelievably light.

Rotiform Cast CCV - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

Rotiform Cast CCV

Another German wheel maker popular with VW and Audi tuners. Their CCV line is bold and unique and really sets the ride off. Both strong and light, they are available in several sizes and finishes. This is the rim if you are looking for something truly unique.

Niche Carini M185 Matte Black Finish - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

Niche Carini M185

Niche, like its name implies, manufactures everything from big bling to a small tuner, to racing. They have a wide range of models, bolt patterns, sizes, and fits. We picked out the M185 just because it is awesome looking. Niche has evolved its manufacturing process over the years resulting in a flexible response to any wheel requirement.

Black Rock 900B Viper - Top 10 Aftermarket Performance Wheels

Black Rock 900B Viper

Last on our list of the top aftermarket performance wheels is from Black Rock, who specializes in the performance of a different kind of …off-roading. If you plow through mud, crawl rocks, blast through bushes, or climb incredibly steep grades, you want a set of these bad boys hanging onto your rubber. Available in a number of designs and finishes, Black Rock will customize a set to fitments specific to your ride.

That’s our list of the top aftermarket performance wheels. It is by no means comprehensive. To check out dozens of other aftermarket performance wheels, visit our custom wheel section. Do it now!