Top LED Fog Lights for Trucks

Putco LuminiX LED Fog Lights 
Are you looking to get the brightest fog light bulbs for your truck? Automobile manufacturers produce vehicles with lights meant for driving at night. However, it can become difficult to drive in fog, rain, or heavy snow because the light from regular headlights reflect off of the moisture in the air and impairs visibility.  But no need to worry, you can purchase fog lights. Fog lights are helpful because they are positioned on the lower half of your vehicle and shine with a wide beam angled to the ground, allowing for increased visibility.   
JUN 21, 2019

So, what are the top led fog lights for trucks? It is important to note that fog lights for vehicles can be in any shape and size. So, knowing which ones specifically suit your truck is important. However, choosing the brightest fog light bulbs can be a daunting task, as they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, designed to fit any model of vehicle. Now that you know a little bit more about fog lights and what they do, here is our list of the best fog light bulbs available:

Ford F-150 2016, LED Fog Lights by Spyder #491921382
Ford F-150 2016, LED Fog Lights by Spyder #491921377

1. Spyder LED Fog Lights

Perhaps, you are looking for a simple means of personalizing the appearance of your truck, or you crave more security while driving your vehicle in the dark, the Spyder LED Tail Lights is among the top LED fog lights you can consider. When you replace your truck’s fog light with the Spyder LED Tail Lights, your vehicle looks classy and its visibility is enhanced during foggy weather, making it safer for you to drive in terrible climatic situations. Spyder LED Tail Lights are easy to set up. You just need to plug in the lights in the relay unit. What’s more, they are very sturdy and meet the necessary standard specifications for vehicle lighting systems.

Putco LuminiX LED Fog Lights 
Putco LuminiX LED Fog Lights 
Putco LuminiX LED Fog Lights 

2. Putco LuminiX LED Fog Lights 

The Putco LuminiX LED Fog Lights are top led fog lights that increases your visibility in intense weather and at night by delivering High Power bright lighting and 300% smaller than many products on the market. It even utilizes existing fog lamp housing during installation and OEM installation with an adjustable design. These LED lights also enhance the appearance of your truck because they come in black coated stainless steel hardware and fasteners are included. Plus, they do not require any expertise during the installation. 

PIAA LP530 LED White Driving Beam Kit #05372
PIAA LP530 LED White Driving Beam Kit #05372

3. PIAA LED White Long Range Fog Lights

If you are looking for a perfect replacement for halogen bulbs, check out the PIAA LED White Long Range Fog Light. The beam is designed for extreme distances with improved side and shoulder illumination, it provides a perfect blend of distances and side to side reach for improved vision over your vehicles high beams. The PIAA LED White Long Range Fog Lights offers bright white 6000k color temperature to replicate daylight, giving your vehicle enough visibility during dense fog. These bulbs feature Reflector Facing Technology, which precisely controls output for better beam definition.

TJM Xray Driving Lights on a Mazda BT-50
TJM Xray Driving Series LED
TJM Xray Driving Lights on a Mazda BT-50

4. TJM Xray Driving Lights

The TJM Xray Driving Lights are one of the top led fog lights that are designed to adapt to all weather situations, Xrayfog truck lights are made from solid metal alloys and fortified quartz glass for more excellent resistance to shock and vibrations. They are a very durable set of driving lights that reflects light at incredible distances and give evenly-distributed light. The TJM Xray Driving Lights help in providing very bright light and lessens the stress on the driver. It is the best for you if you drive your truck on the long-transport basis and if you frequent off-road routes.

HELLA ValueFit Cube 4 LED Kits Spot Beam #357204821
HELLA ValueFit Cube 4 LED Kits Flood Beam #357204831

5. HELLA ValueFit Cube 4 LED Kits

The HELLA ValueFit Cube 4 LED Kits are an excellent option if you are looking for top LED fog lights. This kit is ideal for off-road driving only with a die-cast aluminum housing and an aluminum alloy bracket. These are ideal because of its compact size and low power consumption (16W per light) create a homogeneous light pattern which is sufficient to illuminate pitch-black nights, foggy and cloudy weather. These LED lights top the list of the brightest for light bulbs for its size and power.

Top LED Fog Lights for Trucks – Buyer’s Guide

What are LED Fog Lights?

Fog Lights are an essential part of a vehicle’s lighting system boost the visibility of the road so that the driver can see better in extreme weather conditions. They are mounted low to the ground, below the headlights, and have a sharp cutoff. They shine with a wide beam, which is usually brighter than a low beam.

Fog Lights are made for low-speed driving to aid with a wider illumination and a better light distribution when installing either on a front grille of a vehicle or the lower bumper. You can upgrade your current bulbs with the best-led fog lights, or place additional lights beneath your headlights. The bulbs can produce either yellow or white-colored light; you get to choose the one that works best for you.

Features to Compare When Buying LED Fog Lights


The power of Fog bulbs can be measured in watts or lumens. Each fog light consumes about 50-60 watts. There are also some powerful lamps with a higher power. However, take note not to use lights with higher rates of wattage, unless your existing lighting system is ready for this increase in power because this may cause damage to the lamp and other system components. Check the Luminous efficacy to know how many lumens the bulb can handle as well as the wattage. It is advisable to choose the models that have higher rates of light output. 


Besides improving your ability to see the roadway, fog lights add the needed amount of light to headlights, high beams, and other forms of vehicle lights. You can either mount the fog lights on the grille or the bumper, at the front of the vehicle. There are different types of light. While some need to be put in individual mounting holes on the bumper, others are built into enclosures. The best models are the complete solutions. They are known to be more versatile and fit trucks and SUVs perfectly. 

Service Life

All bulbs have a specific lifespan. The standard life of most halogen bulbs is between 2000-3000 hours. LED light, however, can last longer. Some serve up to 50,000 hours. When you compare this to halogen lamps, the LEDs also ensure better light output and distribution. LEDs also have much better power consumption. 

Bottom Line

The overwhelming relevance of top LED fog lights on trucks cannot be overemphasized. They are a great way to enhance your vehicle’s ability to see in remote areas, in heavy snow, fog or when driving at night. They also improve your truck’s exterior. So, having good lighting is essential. Moreover, LED lights light longer, and they can add sophistication and style to your vehicle. However, when buying fog lights, you should consider factors such as the power, desired style, color, the installation process, and the lifespan.