Top 10 new Off-Road Wheels for 2020

Jeep Gladiator on Black Rhino Abrams wheels in a textured matte gunmetal finish
Most everyone will agree that the tires are one of the most important components of any off-road vehicle because they are the only part of the ride that actually touch the terrain. But those tires have to ride on something and those somethings are off-road wheels. The wheels have to take the bumps and jarring impacts without the benefit of an air buffer like a tire. You want to ensure you have a wheel that’s up to the rigors of rough treatment.
MAY 15, 2020

In addition, a slick set of off-road wheels are easily the fastest way to change the personality of your vehicle and distinguish your ride from all the others. 

With that in mind, here is a collection of the top Off-Road Wheels for 2020:

Hostile H111 Blaze in Asphalt Finish

Hostile Wheels -   H111 Blaze

First on our list of the top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2020 is the Hostile H 111 Asphalt. It's a hot single piece cast aluminum alloy off-road wheel that comes in the classic 5 spoke design and is available with a glossy black or chrome finish. It is subtle but intimidating at the same time. Available in 20x10 with a 5-bolt pattern or 20x12 with a 6-bolt design.

Method Race Wheels MR 315

Method Race Wheels -     MR 315

If you want a totally unique look to your off-road wheel, this solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction rim finished in gold with a black rim is right up your alley. With a dynamic 12 spoke design; the MR 315 is the street legal version of the MR 109 beadlock race wheel. If you want performance, this is the rim for you. Hot looking, amazingly durable, and has a best in industry structural warranty.

Black Rhino Abrams

Black Rhino Wheels -Abrams

Named after the heavily armored M1 Abrams tank, the Black Rhino Abrams is their newest military-inspired wheel design. An aggressive, deep lip is available on all 17 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inch Abrams wheel fitments to enhance the look of any heavy-duty off road truck. The Abrams is a no-compromise wheel exclusively engineered for 5x127 Jeeps and 8-lug trucks in a negative ET-18 offset only.

Fuel Ambush in a Black and Milled Finish

Fuel Wheels -Ambush

Got a truck? If you do, you need this single piece, forged, aluminum alloy rim from Fuel. This 8-bolt, V spoke design is awesome and the attention to finish is pure Fuel perfection and perfect for our list of top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2020. Available in 17x9 / 20x9 / 20x10 with 5,6, or 8 lugs.

Hardcore HC 12 Argon

Hardcore Wheels -     HC 12 Argon

Hardcore is another large diameter wheel maker specializing in pickup trucks. The HC 12 Argon has an amazing 6 spoke design that appears to be leaning forward giving the look of movement even when standing still. This single piece cast aluminum wheel is available in glossy black with machines accents or an eye blinding chrome. The rim is available in 20x10, 22x12, 24x12 and 26x12.

XD Series XD778 Monster

XD Series -XD778 Monster

Looking for an affordable and awesome looking off-road wheel for your Ford F150? If you are, the XD778 Monster is one of the most popular choices of your fellow F150 owners. These single piece cast alloy wheels are specifically designed for the F150 and come in an attractive spoke pattern and 6 bolt fitment. Available only in black, the XD778 is an eye-catching addition to America’s most popular truck.

Fuel Vapor in Matte Black Finish 

Fuel Wheels -Vapor

Inspired by the 2020 Ram 1500, the Matte Black Vapor rim by Fuel is a durable cast aluminum rim that features six spokes. The matte black finish gives your ride that hardcore look that Ram is famous for and that is sure to be the envy of your truck driving buddies making it an easy addition to our list of top Off-Road Wheels for 2020. The Matte Black Vapor is available in a number of sizes and fitments. 

Hostile Wheels H113 Rage in Armor Coated Finish

Hostile Wheels -  H113 Rage

Another wide body wheel from Hostile but this time it is finished in an eye hurting chrome that Hostile calls Armor Coated. Featuring a concave sprocket design, these off-road rims come in a 20” or 22” diameter with widths ranging from 9” to 14”. If you want the full value of these babies, you will want to wash off the mud and dirt just as soon as you reach home. Sunglasses are definitely recommended.

Hardcore Wheels HC 13 Hector

Hardcore Wheels -     HC 13 Hector

The HC 13 Hector is built trail tough out of cast aluminum alloy and is ready for the rugged life of an off-road wheel. This 12 spoke design is sure to turn heads whether it has a glossy black machined accents or full chrome finish. Setting this wheel off is the inclusion of the wicked Hardcore logo (complete with skull) used as the centercap. This wheel is for big trucks and comes in 20x10-12, 22x12-44, 24×12 -44 and 26×14 -76 sizes.

Method Race Wheels 305 in Matte Black Finish

Method Race Wheels -    305

Last on our list of the top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2020 is another unique offering from Method. The 305 features a hot looking black rim and red face, topped off with an embossed Method logo serving as the centercap. An iconic 12 window design gives this rim a stunning appearance and like many Method wheels, this one is constructed of A 356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction. The 10 gold lip bolts are customizable and can be replaced with bolts of your favorite color.

Buying custom wheels for your off-road ride can be tricky, particularly if you are pairing them up with new off-road tires as well. Make sure the vendor you use is reputable and staffed with knowledgeable customer service technicians to ensure a perfect fit.

And there you have it, iKnow Auto's Top 10 Off-Road Wheels for 2020.