Top-Rated Coilover Suspension Kits

Audi on Vogtland Springs
The kind of suspension a vehicle has, significantly effects the traction and speed while on the move. While the best coilover suspensions are the most efficient means of improving the flexibility, most efficient and bump-less ride. It is imperative that you do the necessary underground work and do the necessary calculations to ensure that the coilover suspension kits fit your vehicle before dashing to the market for purchase.

Here is a review of the best coilover kits to help you in your buying process:
FEB 28, 2019
Eibach 1534.711 Pro-Street-S Coilover System

1. Eibach 1534.711 Pro-Street-S Coilover Suspension Kit

Dubbed as the “next-level technology, “ Eibach has come up with a high-end Coilover suspension kit. The Eibach 1534.711 Pro-Street-S Coil-Over System is among the best coilover suspension with top-class qualities. Noticeable among these specifications include high-end flexibility, excellent build, and great fine-tuning ability. Due to its height-adjustability, the Pro-Street-S coil-over allows you to fine tune to your specifications.

Highlights of the Eibach 1534.711:

  • Rust-free stainless steel design
  • A unique design that allows height changing
  • It is perfect for non-stock and tire blending
  • The handling is superb with excellent ease

Bilstein® - B14 Series PSS Performance Front and Rear Lowering Coilovers

2. Bilstein B14 Series PSS Coilover Suspension Kit 

Perhaps you are looking for the best coilovers for daily driving that sports well-framed gas shock absorber. The Bilstein B14 Series, PSS Coilover kit, is one of the best products from Bilstein. Made from durable aluminum, the B14 series Coilover suspension kit affords exact adjustment of height to desired levels even after setting it up.

Additionally, this suspension kit uses high-end technology coating to prevent the metallic parts from rusting. It sports an impressive look and enhanced handling. It is adapted to carry heavy loads without compromising the comfort given to car users. 

Highlights of Bilstein B14 Series PSS Coilover Kit

  • Standard monotube gas shocks
  • Made of sturdy aluminum
  • Galvanized for resistance to corrosion
  • Better stability
  • Precise steering
  • Efficient road handling
  • Fabricated to reduce heat build-up

KSport Kontrol Pro Coilover Kit 03-08 Corolla All

3. KSport Kontrol Pro Coilover Suspension Kit 03-08 Corolla All

Are you looking to buy you the best coilover for daily driving? The KSportKontrol Pro Coilover Kit – 03-08 Corolla All is one you should check out. This coilover kit offers the best value in the suspension market for just about any vehicle type, both on standard roads and off-road conditions. 

The Ksport Kontrol kit features some damping levels that affords the right dial in the suspension system. This gives a very pleasurable cruise. It also comes with all necessary hardware and adjustment tools needed to set it up right from the factory.

Highlights of KSportKontrol Pro Coilover Kit – 03-08 Corolla All

  • It has a Front Spring Rate of 7.5 kg/mm
  • It is made of durable aluminum that lasts for long
  • The lower mount can be altered to afford peak suspension travel
  • It has chamber adjustments for alignment

Bilstein Clubsport Front and Rear Suspension Kit: Gallardo & R8

4. Bilstein Clubsport Suspension Kits

Care for the very best coilovers for daily driving? Check out the Bilstein Clubsport suspension kits that sports height adjustability with alterable dampers using high-quality package. It has extensible alterable features for 10-stage kits, giving as much as 100 different settings for the best in handling efficiency at any stage. 

It has alterable mono-ball upper mounts that presents the user with the opportunity to alter camber settings to adapt to any road, condition, or choice of drivers. It comes with zinc-coated and threaded design will offer the dynamism to give the right vehicle height setting for the proper use while providing the best shield against the worst road surface. 

Highlights of Bilstein Clubsport suspension kits

  • Adjustable mono-ball rail
  • Heights can be adjustable
  • 2-way dampers that can be adjusted by hands
  • Very durable and can resist harsh weather

Vogtland Coilover Kits #968689

5. Vogtland Coilover Suspension Kits 

Vogtland's Coilover Suspension Kits provides individual lowering with a sportive damper characteristic. It is equipped with compression and rebound characteristics that are not only suitable for the track but is also comfortable enough for the street.

The sportive and comfortable setting allows a top road handling and excellent ride quality

Highlights of the Vogtland Sport Spring

  • Made from high tensile chrome silicon alloy
  • Adjustable Damping
  • Twin-tube shock technology

Bilstein B16 PSS Suspension Kits

6. Bilstein B16 PSS Coilover Suspension Kits

If you drive a Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT86, and you seek the best coilover for daily driving, this suspension kit is just for you. It combines the duo of a coilover and shock absorber that contains the weight of your vehicle effortlessly. It features a ten-layer damping force adjustable mechanism that can be controlled even after setting it up. 

It has a chassis, reducing the range of about 30 to 50 millimeters and back holds that gives a perfect mix of exact driving dynamics and convenience.

Highlights of The Bilstein B16 PSS Suspension Kits

  • 10 Settings for Parallel Adjustment
  • Selectable rebound and compression stages
  • The threaded body that can be adjusted
  • The surface is coated to prevent corrosion
  • Round thread for efficient handling

Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs

7. Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs

Do you need the best Coilover suspension kit that is ideal for your car? The Eibach Suspension Kit has a unique spring system that enhances the car’s performance and looks. It reduces the vehicle’s center of gravity and squat that occurs when accelerating. Eibach suspension kit ensures smooth corner negotiation and reduces nose diving when brakes are applied.

When used alongside the right wheels and tires, the Eibach Pro-Kit provides the best performance. These suspension kits are designed and tested by top engineers and professionals to give reliable performance. 

Highlights of Eibach Suspension Kit

  • Efficient performance handling
  • Reduced Centre of Gravity
  • Great Spring Design
  • Efficient Ride Quality

Top-Rated Coilover Suspension Kits - Buyer’s Guide

So you have decided to purchase a coilover suspension kits? There are some factors to carefully look into when selecting the best coilover suspension lift for your vehicle. Also, make sure that the ideal suspension lift for you might not be perfect for another individual. The style of driving, personal choices and the terrain you intend plying it will tell on the lift kit that will be ideal for you. 

There are essential components of the coilover to consider when buying suspension kits. These are: 

Upper-Stress Bar

To lower pressure on the strut towers when negotiating bends, you can fit in an upper-stress bar. The bar lowers bending and folding when negotiating a curve and can be adjusted easily.

Sway Bars

When bending at high velocities and the vehicle is tilting very much, almost as though it will topple over, this can signal the need for new bars. You can go for a sway bar that is among the anti-roll kit. The bar you get should be more robust and stronger than the stock sway bar.


You can reduce or take up the vehicle’s height using the spring. Lower springs minimize the vehicle’s center of gravity. This might be a useful enhancement for controlling. Besides, the springs offer more tensile strength and resilience than regular stock springs. These could cost a pretty penny though. To set up a spring in your vehicle, you will need a spring compressor on your vehicle and a great mechanic. 


While sourcing for the best coilover for daily driving, you’ll need to set up shocks alongside. Ordinarily, it costs the same thing when a mechanic fixes the duo of spring and shock altogether. Altering the height of spring will heighten the pressure on shocks, so we recommend buying new shocks that can contain extra compression. 

Additional kits and Coilovers

If you desire to get the best coilover suspension, extra coilover can be a very nice option. Coilover incorporates springs and coils that are quite bendable and alterable. As such, you can reduce and raise the vehicle concerning the driving conditions. Take, for instance; you can raise a truck to enable it to go off-road when driving. Then it is reduced when on the road again.


The top-rated Coilover suspension kits are those with excellent compression strength and highly durable. We have compiled this list of the best coilover kits taking the price, quality of build material and durability. If you go through this review, you’re going to make a more informed choice when buying your coilover. They are indispensable components of every vehicle, especially when such vehicle is used for special off-road travels most of the times.