Toyo vs Falken - Performance Tires

Toyo vs. Falken: Falken Azenis FK510 tires
Toyo vs. Falken? Which performs better? Read our take on the best performance tire lineup.
MAY 19, 2021

Toyo and Falken are big players in the tire biz’ And while both spend a lot of time and resources chasing the sexy race world of the performance tire market, they both also have great lines for trucks, SUVs, vans, commercial vehicles and the daily commute ride. But we are talking performance tires here and when we talk performance tires, we are usually referring to summer tires. You know, the ones with minimal tread, short tread life and dodgy performance on wet pavement. But Toyo and Falken are also the ones that provide spectacular grip on dry asphalt, are not encumbered by the weight or clunky volume of big tread and allow your performance machine to demonstrate its muscle in a spectacular way. 

As it turns out, Toyo and Falken have some spectacular performance tires.

If you are into drifting as a sport, you already know that Falken is the grandaddy of drifting rubber in the U.S. Falken entered the U.S. market as a performance tire company and then expanded its line just because it could. Falken’s initial entry was kind of backwards to traditional performance tire launches. They decided they would create a brand that became trusted in the performance world and then create the tire. As a result, they sponsored motorsport events, big and small, everywhere. They would even sponsor an individual driver in World Rally events. Then Toyo and Falken hit on drifting in Japan and thought that would be a cool way to enter the American tire market.

Toyo on the other hand, had a highly researched product that they used to jump into the lucrative American market. Toyo had been sponsoring racing teams forever so they had the performance creds already, they just needed a product to introduce their name in the U.S.

The net result is Toyo and Falken have a line of performance rubber and we thought we should share the best of both with you.

The Toyo Performance Tire Lineup

Toyo vs. Falken: Toyo Proxes R1R

Proxes R1R

Extreme Performance Summer Tire. If you drive a muscle rig like a Dodge Challenger or Mustang GT then you want rubber that will grip the hardtop and let you carve up a curve with confidence. The Toyo R1R made its bones on motorsport tracks and is their most popular performance tire for sports cars. At the heart of its performance is the aggressive arrowhead shaped tread that promotes exceptional acceleration. An extra wide footprint, autocross inspired casing, a high-grip compound and a limited warranty round out the features for this hot performance tire. 

Toyo vs. Falken: Toyo Proxes R888R

Proxes R888R

DOT Competition Tire. If you race your ride but you want to drive it to the track rather than have to trailer it, The Toyo R888R is the rubber you want. This is a V rated street legal race tire not a street tire. A high-grip racing compound coupled with an optimized contact patch, wide side center rib and large tread blocks on outside tread provide the grip, consistent handling, quick optimal temperature and better braking response critical to a racing run.

Toyo vs. Falken: Toyo Proxes ST

Proxes ST

Street/Sport Truck All-Season Tire. Okay, you don’t own a hot rod or muscle car, you’ve got a 600 hp BMW X6 M or Ford F 150 Raptor. Not to worry. The Toyo Proxes ST is a V rated tire designed specifically for larger performance vehicles. Available in sizes ranging from 18” to 24” this rubber features dynamic directional all-season tread design to deliver a balance between dry and wet pavement performance. Directional shoulder blocks provide better braking performance and a quieter ride. It’s not a race tire but it will give you the grip and handling you want in a performance truck.

The Falken Performance Tire Lineup

Toyo vs. Falken: Falken Azenis RT615K+

Azenis RT615K+

Street Version of Competition Tire. Derived from the competition winning RT615K, the PLUS model is designed for drivers who demand high performance from their rubber. It starts with a digitally engineered, nanotech-formulated compound that delivers awesome straight-line acceleration and the confidence to power through curves. High tension carcass construction is what makes this race tire DOT street legal for daily use. Features like huge sport shoulder blocks and asymmetric tread design provide competition level cornering performance and uncharacteristically strong performance on wet pavement. Available in sizes ranging 14” to 18”.

Toyo vs. Falken: Falken Azenis RT660

Azenis RT660

Falken’s new rigid carcass construction makes this race tire street legal eliminating the need to change tires at the track or trailering your ride there. A wider footprint optimizes the contact patch and delivers predictable performance. A specially formulated tread compound allows the tire to quickly reach optimal temperature providing unrivaled traction and optimal acceleration not to mention confidence when cornering. Available in 14” to 19” the RT660 is ideal for Nissan 370Z, BMW M2 and  Honda Civic Type R.

Toyo vs. Falken: Falken Azenis FK510

Azenis FK510

Ultra Performance Summer Tire. If you are looking for excellent grip and performance in both wet and dry conditions, take a look at Falken’s FK510 performance summer tire. 4D Nano Design allows Falken engineers to customize performance compounds at the molecular level creating optimal traction for both straight-away and cornering. Additionally a hybrid under-tread provides rigidity and high-speed stability. The FK510 is commonly found on Chevy Camaros, Jaguar E-PACE, Rang Rover SPORT and other performance rides.