Vossen Wheels– The Gold Standard in Luxury Wheel Engineering

Porsche Taycan on HF-4T with Gloss Black Finish (By Exclusive Motoring Worldwide)
With 30 years’ experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing the ultimate in luxury performance wheels, Vossen, a Miami based wheel maker, can claim millions of satisfied customers. The ultimate in forged monoblock wheels, Vossen has earned a reputation for mind-blowing design, incredible strength and performance, and high-quality finishes that complement the ride that is lucky enough to wear them.
OCT 21, 2020

These are serious wheel makers. They consider what they make to be engineered art. These wheels are designed and crafted for specific makes and models. The process starts by gathering over 100 points of data from the target vehicle to ensure optimal fit. From there some of the best design talent in the business create masterpieces of complex concave designs sure to compliment the ride they are meant to be mounted on. Engineering converts the designs into executable plans focusing on strength and optimal fitment. A monoblock of aerospace rated aluminum heat treated to T-6 is then introduced into one of Vossen’s 10 CNC machines to begin the manufacturing process. Unlike most wheel makers, Vossen uses a 3D milling technique. Where most of the competition make the wheel with a single pass of the machine, the Vossen procedure requires the machine to make multiple passes in order to create seemingly impossible designs come to life. At the end of the day, over 70% of the monoblock’s weight will be milled out leaving an incredibly beautiful, lightweight, and awesomely strong forged wheel with precise bolt pattern and fitment.

Hand polished and finished using the latest technology and a selection of nine colors of ultra-high-quality powders, Vossen turns out stunning “engineered art” crafted specifically for your ride. And what a collection of rides. Because they are designed for specific models you might think they would target upscale luxury vehicles but that is not the case. Sure, you’ll find Vossen wheels on Bentley and Rolls Royce models not to mention the supercars of Lamborghini and Ferrari but you will also see them showing off on Ford Explorers, VW Touareg, Chevy Silverado and the Ford F 150. When you want the ultimate in unique wheels; when you want eye-boggling designs, hot finish colors and the durability and performance of a forged wheel, you want Vossen.

Forged and Hybrid Forged Vossen Wheels Engineered for Excellence and Designed to Amaze

The latest from Vossen Wheel is their Hybrid Forged technology. This new process shaves even more weight from the wheel and allows for a greater range of rim widths without sacrificing strength. Lighter wheels mean greater fuel economy and performance. Here are a few that are new for 2020:



Crafted from Vossen’s forged M-X4T, this Hybrid Forged true directional wheel is an amazing design with multilayered complexity and twisted directional spokes. The new technology allows for custom fitment on any 5-lug vehicle. Available in standard finishes of glossy black or polished silver, you can also choose from nine custom finishes including gold, anthracite polished bronze and more. Whether you are driving a Tesla Mosel 3 or a Dodge Durango, these HF-4T wheels are going to give your ride a whole new vibe.




Available in 19’, 20”. 21” and 22” diameters, the HF-5 features pocketed spokes and an aggressive Y pattern. Standard finishes for this wheel are Matte Gunmetal or Gloss Black with eight additional custom finishes to choose from. Like all Hybrid Forged wheels, custom fitments and bolt patterns are available for any make or model. The HF-5 amplifies the aggressive good looks of a Mercedes-Benz E Class or Porsche Macan or virtually any other hot performance car requiring a wheel diameter between 19” and 22”.

HF6-1 Tinted with a Matte Bronze finish 


It quickly became obvious that there is a huge demand for these Hybrid Forged wheels among truck and SUV owners. To answer that demand Vossen created the HF6-1, the first of the HF series designed for the heavier vehicles with 6 lugs. This 12 spoke wheel is available in 20”, 22” and 24” diameters and, unlike the 5-lug series, has five standard finishes to choose from as well as 9 custom finishes. If you want instant customization of your Chevy Silverado 1500 or Mitsubishi Pajero, put a set of HF6-1 wheels on it!

HF6-2 with a Tinted Matte Gunmetal


Add some serious accent to your truck or SUV with this multilayer complex Y pattern design. Like the HF6-1, this wheel is available in five different standard finishes and an additional seven custom colors. The HF6-3 comes in 20”. 22” and 24” diameters and can be customized to fit any six-bolt pattern on any make or model.

Vossen Wheels is without a doubt the leader in forged and hybrid forged wheels. If you want to check out their full collection of incredible wheels click here!