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The Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S are incredibly designed vehicles in performance, handling, and aerodynamics. But with all 911 body styles, there is one thing that really makes the iconic shape stand out over stock vehicles. That is, of course, the addition of a more aggressive rear spoiler. For years people have been upgrading the rear ends to feature a GT2 or GT3 style rear spoilers. With the 991 Turbo, the factory hydraulic rear spoiler and front spoiler work hand and hand to provide incredible aerodynamic ability.At 300kph, the 991 Turbo can produce 132kg of downforce, allowing it to lap the Nordschleife two seconds faster than in the normal mode. To keep these incredible stats but add extra styling, Agency Power offers this exquisite carbon fiber rear wing lip spoiler from our Aeroform line.

The Agency Power carbon fiber wing spoiler for the 991 Turbo is a simple add on piece that installs in less than 30 minutes. Its design allows it to fit snuggly on the stock spoiler curves without drilling or cutting into anything. It wraps around the front and rear of the factory wing blade to lock in place. For extra security,we do include heavy duty double sided tape. The lightweight carbon fiber piece is styled to match other Agency Power carbon parts such as our vents, mirror covers, and rear diffuser. It even goes well with other companies carbon fiber parts that are finished in a glossy 2x2 weave. The extension of the rear spoiler gives the 991 Turbo a more aggressive look and still allows the spoiler to function in the up or down position.


  • Porsche 991 Turbo | Turbo S 2014+.
  • Standard spoiler design as pictured.


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