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The compact TRC-2 Retard Control allows you to easily adjust or select a timing retard ? from the driver?s seat! The TRC-2 easily wires to all of the FAST? E6 Ignition Controls and simply mounts under the dash. There are three different ways to adjust the timing. The first is by simply turning the rotary dial to retard the timing to match your driving specifications ? no more crawling under the hood with a timing light and distributor wrench. You can also set it to act as a nitrous retard that will only activate when the nitrous is live. If you?re a boost fan, the TRC-2 can be connected to a MAP sensor (available separately) allowing you to adjust a boost/retard setting. It can be set to retard 0-4? per pound of boost with a maximum of 20?. The unit is sealed and features an LED to show when the retard is active.


    For over 10 years, FAST™ has been recognized as the leading developer of advanced electronic fuel injection technology. Our engineers have ignited new sparks never before seen in the EFI performance aftermarket year after year. With technical assistance that is beyond comparison, FAST™ has been able to build close relationships with customers. Many of these relationships have helped our Research & Development team stay on top simply by listening to the needs of our customers. In 2001, FAST™ became a member of the COMP Performance Group™, gaining a larger source of technological resources than ever before. This enabled the fuel injection innovator to conduct more extensive R&D efforts with a larger team of engineers, which ultimately led to even more discoveries in computer-controlled horsepower. Today, FAST™ continues to drive the aftermarket industry through constant new product development. And with a complete line of superior, easy-to-use EFI systems, intake manifolds, throttle bodies and other EFI components, FAST™ is committed to bringing the best fuel injection experience to both racers and street enthusiasts everywhere.

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