Custom Car Grilles Sends a Message

Roush Performance High Flow Lower Grille 2018 -2019 Mustang GT
For many of us, our daily ride is more than just a form of transportation to get us from point A to point B. Your vehicle sends the world a message about your style and personality. Straight off the sales lot, it’s just another Dodge, or Ford or whatever that looks just like thousands of others of the same model. If you want to make that ride uniquely yours, if you want to send a message about who you are, one of the fastest and comparatively affordable ways is to install a Custom Car Grille and give your ride a new face.
OCT 12, 2020

Custom Car Grilles are more than decorations. You have a raging hot piece of machinery under your hood and it needs air to not only assist in controlling engine temperature, but to provide the O2 to the combustion chamber to create the power you want. Grilles provide the air flow your engine compartment needs. Custom Car Grilles are also a component in a system that impacts performance and safety as well. 

When a car is traveling at speed, high pressure air slides under the vehicle while low pressure air slips up and over the hood. When this occurs, the high pressure air can cause lift degrading the grip the vehicle has on the road. To reverse this flow, some vehicles come equipped with splitters as OEM while others have aftermarket products installed. A splitter looks like a flat scoop that extends out from the bottom of the front bumper and directs high pressure air up. Air dams, which are smaller grilles located above the bottom bumper, direct cooling air at the brakes and radiator. Excess high pressure air slides up and over the hood applying a downward pressure on the front end increasing the traction of the steering/drive wheels.

So, if you are looking to install a Custom Car Grille for ride, there is more to take into consideration than just appearance. The aftermarket is awash with inexpensive, bolt on mesh grilles. But if you are looking for both performance and unique design, you want to look at Custom Car Grilles made by the pros.

Roush Performance – What Every Mustang or F-150 Owner Wants and Needs

This company started out with a Ford engine designer turning drag racer, turning NASCAR team owner, to innovative parts designer, to the ultimate source for parts (including custom car grilles) for Mustangs and F-150s as well as a variety of other Ford models. Jack Roush is a successful racer and race team owner but his heart is still engineering and his passion is improving the Ford products that he helped design. His products focus on improved performance, high quality materials and ease of installation. Following are a few examples:

2013-2014 Ford Mustang - ROUSH Front Grille Kit (#421392)

Upper Grille 2013 – 2014 Mustang GT

For whatever reason, the Ford Mustang design engineers gave the ’13 and ’14 GT models a rather boring looking upper (and lower) grille. Roush has a solution that will breath new life into the frontend of your Stang. This is an awesome replacement grille that actually increases air flow, fits precisely, requires no cutting and takes about an hour to install. Made of injection molded ABS plastic using cadmatic software directly from Ford and finished in a texturized black that will go well with both light and dark colors. This high quality grille will not chip or fade and will give you years of good looks and performance.

2018-2020 ROUSH Mustang Lower High-Flow Grille Opening (#422081)

High Flow Lower Grille 2018 -2019 Mustang GT

If you have an EcoBoost or high-performance package in your ’18 or ’19 Mustang GT, roush has a lower grille that can improve your performance. The cadmatic design ensures perfect fit and the improvement in the grille allow for more air to hit your brakes or even an inner cooler. Made of a lightweight, durable, flame retardant TPO material with a grain black finish to match the rest of your ride’s grille, the high flow lower grille will give you years of performance. This product does require you purchase a chin splitter and installation is more involved than the upper grille previously mentioned.

Street Scene – Something For Everybody

If you are looking for the unique, the exotic, or the over-the-top in grilles and grille assemblies then you need to check Out Street Scene. This outfit provides custom grilles for everything from Chevy Silverados to Rolls Royce limos. Whatever you are looking fr, rugged truck grilles, grille shell assemblies, billet grille inserts, speed mesh or grille lights, Street Scene has a solution. All products are focused on fit, ease of installation and durability. Fiberglass is not in their vocabulary. Carbon fiber and a variety if urethane rigidities is. 

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Lower Bumper Speed Grille Dodge Ram 2009 -2013

If you want to add some eye-grabbing quality to your Dodge Ram  truck, you have to check out this cool lower grille/valance from Street Scene. Inspired by European racing, these grilles are designed for a perfect fit for specific year/model. Available in black powder coat, black chrome, chrome and satin aluminum finish, it is sure to turn heads. Installation is a snap using Street Scene’s patented clip-on system.

Street Scene Black and Chrome Shell With 4 MM Billet Grille (#950-75456)

Black and Chrome Shell With 4 MM Billet Grille Chevy Silverado 2000

If your old workhorse has a damaged grille, you can easily give it new life and and make it look like a young stallion with Street Scene’ black and chrome shell with billet inserts. Precisely molded to fit your Silverado, you can mount this kit without cutting using the patented clip on system. The 4 mm billet design is unique and will give your truck a flash of style.

There are plenty other designs and applications that these two manufacturers offer for Custom Car Grilles. Check them out now on