Forgiato Wheels Top 5 Styles Of The Year

Bentley owners know where to get rims designed specifically for their ride. So do drivers of Ferraris, Lambos, Mercedes-Benz, Porsches, BMWs, and anyone else who wants a one-of-a-kind look for their upscale ride. They seek out the Los Angeles-based former jewelry designers turned custom wheel manufacturers at Forgiato.
OCT 09, 2020

Combining their knowledge of jewelry and watch manufacturing with advanced CNC technology and a burning desire to make the ultimate in custom rims, Forgiato has developed a stunning line of wheels appropriate for racing, off-road, or just showing off. With a client list is chock full of rock stars, professional athletes, entertainers, and other influencers who have shown off their rims on exotics, tricked out Wranglers and Gladiators, Escalades as well as the “run of the mill” luxury machines.

Made in America using only American parts and materials, Forgiato’s attention to design, cutting, forging, and finishes are unparalleled. Pricey? Yes very. But if you want a custom set of automotive jewelry to show off it’s worth it.

Window Shopping Forgiato Wheel Favorites

Over the past 15 years, Forgiato has been making a name for themselves as being the pinnacle of high-quality materials and epic styles for both exotic high-end luxury and aggressive off-road vehicles. However, with so many different styles and lines, it can be difficult to know where to even start.  Here are our picks for the Top 5 Forgiato Wheel Line Styles Of The Year. 

Terra– New Wheels for Off-Road Performance

The Flow Terra line is not just eye-candy. Designed to racing specs for best handling and performance, these forged wheels made of high-quality aluminum alloy are exceptionally light and incredibly durable. And then there are the designs and finishes. The 002 is a more aggressive design but others in the line are more sophisticated. As always, the finish and color are up to you. Wheels are vehicle specific and come in 20”, 22”, and 24” diameters.


26 Inch Wire Wheel

That’s right, a 26” homage to the retro wire wheel is new this year. The Wire Wheel is absolutely stunning with 127 spokes, massive floating caps, and a 5x127 bolt pattern. If you want a set you need to act quickly, since Forgiato will only be producing 100 of these bad boys. If you are interested in preordering one of these limited edition sets feel free to check them out here!

Tecnica 2 and 3 Piece Designs

The Tecnia line offers the strength and rigidity of a monoblock and the versatility that comes with 2 pieces and 3 piece construction. Crazy beautiful designs and finishes that will put you in a league of your own, the Tecnica also offers fitment flexibility. Not surprisingly, these tough, aggressive rims are showing up mainly on off-road rigs.

Flow Series

The Flow lineup uses the same technology and advanced forging process to create a wheel that is equal parts strong, light, and attractive. This single-piece rim is designed for the buyer who wants the Forgiato look but needs to have a more affordable entry price point. Available in 20”, 22”, and 24” fitments the Flowline provides a wide collection of designs and unlimited finishes.

2.0 Exotic

Originally debuting as the first set of custom wheels on the Bugatti Veyron, the 2.0 Exotic line targets the discerning owner who wants strength, quality, and exclusivity. A seamless look with diamond-cut lines and no visible mounting bolts, the sophisticated design that is the 2.0 is priced for a special breed of buyer.

So, there you have our top five Forgiato styles of the year. There are more but the common strand is forged strength, durability, innovative design themes, and incredible, jewel-like finishes. And if that’s not enough, you can actually buy a watch from these former watchmakers.